Thursday, June 30, 2016

An All Natural Cure for Your Dog’s Hot Spots

Is there anything more heartbreaking than a dog that’s sick or in pain? In particular, hot spots can be devastating to watch. They are often extremely sensitive and painful, and your pet’s own instincts — to lick, chew and scratch the area — only make things worse.
Worse yet, many common treatments for hot spots include harsh chemicals, invasive antibiotics, and painkillers with lots of potential side effects. Talk to your vet and use those treatments if absolutely necessary, but you may be able to treat hot spots with a much more gentle, organic solution: noni!

What Are Hot Spots?

First, some information about what exactly your pet is going through. Hot spots, also known as moist dermatitis or superficial canine pyoderma, are inflamed, infected sores on the skin, often resulting from bacterial infection on the skin. Hot spots can also be caused by allergic reactions, poor grooming, and bites from insects or arachnids.
Anything that irritates your dog’s skin and causes him or her to start licking, chewing, and scratching the area can turn into a hot spot. In particular, the combination of an open wound, moisture, and continued irritation is a recipe for painful hot spots. They’re most likely to form on the dog’s head, chest, or hips, but can form elsewhere as well.
Hot spots usually redden, accompanied by wet scabbing, oozing, and increased inflammation and itching. There may even be an odor resulting from the infection. The area will most likely become sensitive to the touch, so be very gentle with your furry friend when treating the spots.
Treatment involves soothing the spots and protecting them from further damage. Most importantly, however, you and your vet will need to determine the root cause of the hot spots so they don’t just come right back.
You can learn more about hot spots by clicking here, but remember that you may be able to avoid some of the harsh treatments listed there!

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Noni: Treating Hot Spots on Two Fronts

Many of the topical treatments for hot spots are full of potentially harmful chemicals, including excessive antibiotics, steroids, and painkillers. These treatments may have side effects which could harm your pet, especially if your pet manages to lick some!
Luckily, nature has provided us with an unusual fruit that works both from the outside in and the inside out to heal skin conditions like this. It works for humans, and it works for your furry friends, too! Raw noni fruit is powerful, and has stood the test of time as a natural remedy for thousands of years.
But how does it work?

From the Outside: Soothes and Heals

Raw pulp from the noni fruit includes 165+ beneficial compounds, including a powerful painkilling, anti-inflammatory, and antibacterial compound called scopoletin. One study said that noni’s painkilling power was comparable to hydrocortisone, but without any side effects or toxic level.
Other compounds in noni help resist parasites and treat infection. Click here to learn about the top 4 most beneficial compounds in noni fruit.
To treat hot spots topically, we recommend our Pets Lavender Noni Lotion. This gentle formula is made of pure, organic, raw noni pulp, mixed with water, grapefruit seed extract, and organic lavender oil. It’s the same formula as we sell for humans, but in a bottle with cute animals and an easy animal-friendly applicator tip.
You can apply this topical treatment multiple times per day. The best part is, even if your pet does lick off some of this lotion, it’s actually beneficial! Of course, you’ll want to prevent your dog from licking the hot spots as much as possible, whether with a plastic cone collar, bandage, or t-shirt.

From the Inside: Repairs and Prevents

Unless you also treat the underlying cause of the hot spots, whether it’s parasites, underlying infection, stress, or an allergic reaction, you’ll have a hard time completely healing them and preventing a resurgence.
That’s why we recommend also giving your pet a daily dose of Pets Noni Fruit Leather! This raw food has a wide variety of benefits for pets, including many that may help eliminate and prevent hot spots.
  • Boosts Immunity: Good for regulating allergic reactions and infection
  • Kills/Repels Parasites: Worst enemy of insects, arachnids, & worms — learn more!
  • Prevents Infection: Strong antimicrobial properties
  • Relieves Inflammation: Reduces pain and allows infection to heal
  • Improves Mood: Lowers stress levels and helps with anxious habits
For larger dogs, we recommend about two 2x2 inch pieces per day while the hot spots are healing, spread out throughout the course of the day. For smaller dogs, start with one piece per day and move up to two if symptoms do not improve.
Once you get those hot spots under control, continue giving a 2x2 inch piece per day for preventative care and to continue reaping the many benefits of this powerful healing fruit!
Have you used noni to treat hot spots? Let us know in the comments!

Monday, June 27, 2016

How Noni Fruit Leather Naturally Brightens Your Mood

Do you suffer from frequent cases of the blues? Have trouble getting out of bed in the morning or motivating yourself to keep going through the afternoon? These symptoms don’t mean you’re weak — in fact, they mean that you’re persevering against incredible adversity from within your very own body.
Scientists still only have a tenuous understanding of the human mind and how it impacts well-being. What we do know is that the mind is closely linked with the body. Chemical levels in your brain impact how your body feels, and the nutrition you take into your body impacts brain function. A tiny imbalance can have huge impacts on your mood, energy levels, physical symptoms, and more.
We can’t stress enough the importance of food in this equation. In today’s pharmaceutical-driven society, we’re told that the only way to adjust mood is through strong medications with many known common side effects.
But food is nature’s true medicine, and the earth has provided us with many ways to take control of our own mental and physical health — including noni, an unusual tropical fruit that has been used for healing over thousands of years. Modern science is only just starting to unlock noni fruit’s potential to positively impact both mind and body. Here’s what we’ve learned so far!

How Does Food Affect Mood?

Most experts now agree that food is much, much more than a simple equation of input/output, calories in versus calories out. The specific nutrients in food, whether it’s whole, raw food, highly-processed junk, or somewhere in between, impact how your body and brain work together. The effect can be positive or negative, depending on the specific food, your natural brain chemistry, and your context.
Here are some of the known ways that food and mood interact:


We’ve always known that mental states, depression in particular, impact the way we eat. Sometimes depression causes overeating, sometimes under eating, sometimes a craving for specific foods. But did you know that the foods you eat likewise impact depression?
An unhealthy diet (high in sugar & processed foods) is a major risk factor for depression, according to this study. That means, when you’re depressed, you very well might crave foods that could make your depression worse.
Turning a pattern like this around can be a big challenge, especially because your mind and body will most likely be fighting you. But introducing a simple mood-boosting raw food into your diet, like Noni Fruit Leather, is a low-effort way to start reversing that momentum!

Sugar Addiction

Simple, processed carbohydrates convert very quickly into glucose in the bloodstream, which your body turns into energy. Because those foods convert so quickly and all at once, they put serious strain on your body’s systems for processing sugar.
All that extra sugar might feel good while it lasts (or you might feel shaky, jittery, or manic), but there are some harmful things going on. Particularly if you frequently have a lot of sugar, you’re increasing your risk for the following:
  • Type 2 diabetes
  • Addiction to sugar
  • Increased numbers of “bad” gut bacteria
  • Weakened immune response
  • Inflammation-related diseases
Plus, when the crash inevitably does come, you’re likely to wind up feeling even worse. If you reach for sugar for another mood and energy boost, you keep that addictive cycle going.

Brain Food

Then, of course, there are the many nutrients that actually have a positive impact on mood. In particular, omega-3 fatty acids are linked to reduction in anxiety and depression. They’re also widely known to be brain food.
Another nutrient you may have heard less about is selenium. A study from Texas Tech University showed that selenium supplementation of 200 micrograms a day for seven weeks improved mild and moderate depression in 16 elderly participants. Other studies have reported an association between low selenium intakes and poorer moods. Did you know noni fruit is a good source of selenium?
In general, if you eat foods that are more nutritionally dense, varied, and complete, your body will have more reserves of beneficial nutrients to send to your brain. Whatever specific nutrients future scientists link to brain health are certainly found in whole, raw foods like noni!


One of the first benefits many new Noni users notice is a mood and energy boost. I’ve been taking noni every day for many years, and I still love the pick-me-up it gives me. It’s perfect before a workout. But what is it about noni fruit that makes this mood lift possible?

Scopoletin & Serotonin

One of the compounds in noni of interest to modern science is scopoletin. Scopoletin is a phytochemical, a biologically active compound that is being studied primarily for its ability to relieve pain.
But scopoletin has another property: mood elevation. The compound is believed to improve mood and provide a little energy lift by binding with serotonin to keep levels elevated. You can learn more about this compound by clicking here.

Blood Sugar Regulation

One of noni’s other widely tested effects is its ability to regulate and stabilize blood sugar levels, even in diabetics. This is likely due in part to its high soluble fiber content. Just don’t make the mistake of taking noni juice, assuming it’s as healthy as Noni Fruit Leather! Besides the fermentation process used to make noni juice which destroys the beneficial nutrients, most noni juice products have added sweet juices and sugars to help improve the foul taste of the rotten and fermented juice. Independent Lab Research has shown our Noni Fruit Leather to be 14x more potent than noni juice.

How do you boost your mood when you’re feeling depressed, stressed, or anxious? Do you use noni? Let us know in the comments.