Monday, April 4, 2016

Care For Your Body and Get Rid of Stretch Marks

Ever notice odd streaks or stripes on your skin, almost like tiger stripes of discoloration? Most people have at least a few, and some people have lots of stripes on different parts of their body.
These stripes are known as stretch marks. Essentially, they’re scars that form when your skin is stretched and there isn’t enough time for new skin to form and fill in the gaps. Learn more about how scars form and heal by clicking here.
It’s a fairly common and totally harmless occurrence, but they make getting your body beach ready this spring rather daunting!
Stretch marks can have a variety of causes, from pregnancy to puberty to dietary changes, and they’re commonly found on the abdomen, arms, and legs. They may be pinkish, silvery, or dark purple, and the colors may change over time.
Hawaiians have known for centuries that the noni fruit could keep their body youthful by effectively preventing and treating stretch marks. We wanted to share how this healing process works!

How Noni Heals Skin Conditions Like Stretch Marks

Raw noni fruit contains over 165 beneficial compounds, many of which are the building blocks for healthy skin. Ancient Polynesians applied the raw pulp of the noni fruit to their skin to treat a wide variety of ailments, from acne to open wounds.
Taking this idea from the Hawaiians, we have created a raw Noni Lavender Lotion that works wonders on the delicate skin area that is your stretch marks. The formula is entirely organic and toxin-free, making our lotions safer than the hundreds of products that claim stretch mark relief at your drugstore.


One of the main benefits of applying Noni Lavender Lotion is the powerful hydration this lotion provides — a major factor in eliminating stretch marks. Moist, taut skin has a much easier time stretching out, which could actually help prevent stretch marks before they appear!
The first ingredient in our Noni Lavender Lotion is, of course, pulp from raw organic noni fruit. In fact, Noni Lavender Lotion is 99.2% raw noni pulp. The second is pure water, then grapefruit seed extract, and finally just a bit of soothing lavender oil.
While our Noni Lotions don’t feel like lotions you buy at the store, that’s because our products are not ladened with waxes, chemicals, and silicones. Those additives might make you feel like you’re caring for your skin, but in the end, they do more harm than good.
The best way to care for skin is with water-based lotions. Our formula allows the noni to be soaked up into the skin to hydrate deep down in the tissue of your stretch marks. You should quickly see improvements in skin quality, texture, and elasticity.

Skin Tightening

It might seem paradoxical to try to eliminate stretch marks by tightening the skin, but in fact, many stretch marks appear when skin has been stretched and then loosened. Restoring supple, taut skin can go a long way toward clearing up stretch marks.
Our Noni Lavender Lotion is able to balance both hydration and skin tightening unlike any other product. Within the natural fruit pulp of noni, the primary ingredient of our lotions, are a variety of compounds that help with skin aging. Selenium, for example, helps preserve the youthful nature of your skin.
This compound is also known to help sooth irritation that is often accompanied by stretch marks and help with the discoloration which makes stretch marks so noticeable. Talk about a win-win!

Collagen Growth

Stretch marks form when there isn’t enough collagen to fill in stretched skin, so adding collagen is one of the most effective ways to treat them. There are lots of factors that can decrease collagen, including damage from free radicals. Learn how noni fights free radicals by clicking here.
The noni fruit pulp we use to make our lotions contains high proportions of natural collagen and also stimulates collagen production in the body, thanks to a phytochemical in the anthraquinone group. Use Noni Lavender Lotion daily and your skin will feel smoother and more supple in just a few months.


Clearing away dead skin cells provides a fresh start for your skin to start healing those stretch marks. But it’s crucial to use an extremely gentle exfoliating agent or risk further damage to the skin. Luckily, yet another benefit of noni is that it functions as a gentle, environmentally-friendly exfoliant!
While you normally would simply apply a thin coat of Noni Lavender Lotion and let it dry, you can also massage a thicker coat of the lotion into your skin to exfoliate. Within seconds, you’ll notice little brown balls forming on the skin as you continue to massage the lotion over your stretch marks. That’s the exfoliated skin gently coming free.
This style of exfoliation is much safer on stretch marks than products containing microbeads, or even natural scrubs made of sugar or salt. Noni soothes rather than irritates an already sensitive area, providing maximal healing.

Best Practices for Best Results

Once or twice a day, simply apply a thin coat of your Noni Lavender Lotion to the area where you have stretch marks. Let the formula dry onto your skin, allowing the essential ingredients to sink into your stretch marks. If you’d like, you may very gently rub the lotion into your skin as a gentle exfoliant.
You can also apply a thicker coat and leave it on to dry as a mask treatment. This will produce quicker healing results. You may also want to try the Instant Noni BioBandage as a mask on particularly stubborn stretch marks.
Make noni a part of your daily routine today, and you should see results by the time you are ready for the beach!

How has Noni lotions helped your skin troubles — especially stretch marks? Let us know in the comments!

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