Monday, September 22, 2014

Exploring Icy Heat Noni Lotion By Hawaiian Organic Noni

Whether you are nursing a sports injury or just feel sore after a long day at work, your body can benefit from a soothing layer of Icy Heat Noni lotion made by Hawaiian Organic Noni. The makers of Noni lotion created this special topical treat using fresh ingredients, including real noni fruit. The result was a product that benefits the skin while penetrating deep beneath the skin to target tired muscles and provide pain relief.

History of Icy Heat
The idea behind Icy Heat Noni lotion really took off with assistance from a sports trainer from the University of Hawaii named Melody Toth. The initial mixture was soothing and effective, but did not catch everyone's attention as expected. As a result, the creators began brainstorming a solution that would make their lotion more popular than ever. After several tries, the addition of menthol and camphor caught athletes' attention, which helped the lotion show its stuff. The new mixture invigorated the senses while providing deep sports pain relief.

Common Uses
Today, athletes rub the lotion onto their neck, back, shoulders, legs and arms to treat all over soreness. A light massage helps the lotion soak into the skin faster while jumpstarting the healing process deep in the body. The tingling sensations from the camphor and menthol really tell athletes the lotion is working. About a minute after using the lotion, athletes are limber and ready to continue their game.
The superstar of the mixture, Noni fruit, has improves joint health, blood pressure levels and immune system strength. Noni also benefits the skin from the epidermis to the subcutaneous tissue. Using Noni lotion once per day helps keep the skin smooth and supple as well. The natural ingredients used in the lotion help the skin retain moisture and repair itself over time.

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