Monday, December 18, 2017

Noni Dosage Tips

Remember the effects of Noni are definitely dosage related whether internally using the Noni Fruit Leather or externally applying the Noni Lotions.

Recommended daily dosage rate for the Noni Fruit Leather.

On the back of every package it reads:
“As a supplement, a 2-inch x 2-inch piece per day. For chronic conditions: Two to four pieces per day”
This is based upon Research at the University of Hawaii for 8 years on terminally ill Cancer patients. In Phase 1 of the research, they were up to 40 times the daily dosage rate with not one negative side effect. They could not find a toxic level. However, they found that at two pieces per day, 24 of the 48 people in the study had no pain and at four pieces per day all 48 people had no pain. Different people have different levels of need based upon their size, chronic condition and how they assimilate the noni compounds.

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