Monday, December 18, 2017

What You Should Know About Noni Juice

Why not noni juice?

Organic noni has over 165 compounds that benefit the body. The many benefits to the human body include pain relief, faster healing, and improved cell functionality. Traditionally Hawaiians and Polynesians consumed noni as a preventative measure to boost the immune system, and to help keep themselves from getting sick. They ate noni as a raw fruit for maximum benefit.
Unfortunately, today many noni manufacturers create a much less potent product called noni juice, which is made through the fermentation process and discards the fruit pulp.
The potency is in the raw non-fermented pulp of noni. Harvested hard and white from the tree, the fruit ripens in 2-3 days to a soft translucent fruit much like a ripe tomato. Within hours of ripening, noni fruit begins to rot and ferment. The fermentation process creates alcohol and research has shown destroys all the beneficial enzymes and changes the chemical structure of the remaining compounds. All of the noni juices on the market are fermented, and therefore have a significantly reduced potency level and health impact on the body.

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