Friday, May 11, 2018

Earth Day Fun - Sustainable Farming

Why sustainable farming?

Farmers who practice sustainable farming work with nature without depleting its precious resources. This can even be done in your own backyard!

Sustainable Farming Techniques:

No Till Agriculture

Most conventional farmers rely on tilling the soil. Tilling turns over the soil making it easier to plant new crops. However tilling kills living organisms (including earthworms), allows vital nutrients to escape, and gives weeds a chance to germinate.

Water and Solar Power

Utilizing what mother nature has already given us is a cost effective way to work the land. Solar and wind power are great natural energy resources. The cost may seem high up front, but the results will more than pay for itself. Regarding water conversation, only use the water you need, mulch heavily and collect rainwater when possible can also make your carbon foot lighter.

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