Friday, May 11, 2018

Noni Perfect Summer Sore Muscle Sunburn Lotion

The fruit is noni. The company is Hawaiian Organic Noni from the Garden Island of Kauai makes a fantastic lotion, one you definitely want to bring along on any vacation, or just have at home for days when you've overdone it and have intense muscle and nerve pain.
lt is really quite amazing. Steve Frailey and Scott Jarvis have literally received thousands of testimonials from people who're amazed at how well this product works. You can't buy that kind of enthusiasm. No, this is real.
Hawaiian Organic Noni's Noni Lavender Lotion isn't oily smooth and slick like a drug store product made with synthetic petrochemicals. The water-based lotion's basic power comes from the fact that it is as close to the raw pulp of noni with the 165 beneficial compounds research has identified in noni pulp. This is no easy feat as noni fruit is one of the most perishable fruits in nature. Once the hard mature white fruit ripens into a soft translucent white fruit (much like a soft ripe tomato), the fruit within hours begins to rot and ferment. The fermentation creates alcohol which research has shown destroys all the beneficial enzymes and destroys the potency of the raw pulp. Hawaiian Organic Noni's Noni Lavender Lotion is made from non-fermented, low heat processed raw noni pulp fo maximum potency. This topical lotion is naturally rich in scopoletin, a pain-relieving chemical of intense interest to medical doctors and scientists.

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