Sunday, November 25, 2018

Free Organic Noni Farm and Wellness Tour - A Walk Through


On our Farm Tours, the first thing we discuss is the true traditional use of Noni for thousands of years in Polynesia and Hawaii. This beneficial fruit was eaten raw as a natural preventative. By trial and error, Polynesians and Hawaiians learned that by consuming the raw fruit every day they remained healthy.
We were visited by researchers from the University of Illinois (Chicago), who are due to begin doing research on spinal inflammation in women for the World Health Organization using Noni. They told us that they had looked into the older Polynesian cultures and found that they did not have any of the so called “inflammation diseases” namely cancer, arthritis, high blood pressure and diabetes.  
They attributed this to the fact that Noni fruit contains the highest amounts of anti-inflammatory compounds. Since they consumed raw noni fruit as a natural preventative, there was no room in their bodies for inflammation and therefore the “inflammation diseases” did not exist in their culture back then.

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