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Noni: Organic Flea and Tick Preventative

Got an itchy dog?
Flea bites and tick infestations can be annoying to your pets and cause allergic reactions. There are lots of ways to prevent these pests, but many of them involve harsh chemicals that you might not want to bring into your household. Or you might be looking for something to supplement the treatments you’re already using.
Either way, there’s an organic flea and tick preventative, in the form of a raw food that’s grown, harvested, and processed on our organic family farm on Kauai.
Noni fruit has beneficial properties for pets as well as humans. One of these benefits is naturally deterring fleas and ticks.


Fleas are the classic dog pest, and for good reason—they’re a plague on our furry friends! It can be very difficult to keep your dog away from fleas if they spend any amount of time outside.
Fleas can survive temperatures as low as 65 degrees, making them a year-round concern for many pet owners. They inhabit many parts of the world, and live in many different environments.
Preventing fleas is part of being a pet owner. Pets can bring fleas inside, and may carry diseases transmissible to humans. It’s very important to find a solution that works for you and your pet.


Fleas lay eggs on the skin of your pet, which turn into larva that infect your pet’s bedding and your home. When the larvae are ready, they hop onto the nearest available host and start the cycle again—often on the same pet that fed their mother.
Pets can tell that there are fleas on their skin, and they usually scratch, chew, and bite the affected areas. It’s very possible for the skin to get infected and irritated, or for an allergic reaction to develop.

Problems with Existing Treatments

The chemicals used to kill fleas are obviously rather harsh pesticides. It’s well below a lethal dose for your pet, but with low-dose exposure overtime, the results are not well-studied. Initial reports indicate that many pets are sickened or even die each year as a result of exposure to flea-killing chemicals.

Natural Ways to Prevent or Kill Fleas

  • Sprinklediatomaceous earth or borax on carpet that may be infected
  • Essential oils, including lavender, citronella, pennyroyal, and eucalyptus
  • Comb pet with soapy water
  • Vacuum frequently anywhere that your pet spends a lot of time
  • Use noni topically and give your pets noni fruit leather to prevent fleas


If your dog spends a lot of time outside in a tick-prone area, a daily tick check should be part of your routine.
Ticks bite your pets and suck blood from them, sometimes injecting an anesthetic so your pet doesn’t notice it. They usually have barbs or glue-like saliva to keep them in place while they feed. The tick then drops off to prepare for its next life cycle change.

The trouble with ticks is, they spread infectious disease when they travel from host to host. They spread a variety of diseases, including Lyme disease and Rocky Mountain spotted fever. The best way to avoid these infections is to avoid ticks if at all possible, or to try to catch them as quickly as possible.

Problems with Existing Treatments

There are treatments that can help prevent ticks, but they contain potentially harmful chemicalsthat can impact your pet’s digestive tract, internal organs, and overall health in the short and long term. As with flea treatments, it’s important to find a nontoxic solution that works for you and your pet.

Organic Tick Prevention

A good way to prevent your own exposure to ticks is to wear long pants when you take your dog out walking in areas where there might be ticks, but that doesn’t help your dog! Preventing dog ticks is pretty difficult, other than by avoiding tick-infested areas. But that’s not always easy.

Organic Ways to Prevent Ticks

  • Check for ticks often if you live in a high-risk area
  • Try lemon eucalyptus essential oil
  • Give pets noni fruit leather to prevent ticks

Noni as a Non-Toxic Preventative

Noni Fruit Leather can act as anorganic flea and tick preventative if you feed it to your dog regularly over a period of time. It’s 100% certified organic, with no preservatives or added chemicals. It’s just raw, low- heat dehydrated noni pulp, full of beneficial enzymes.By taking Noni Fruit Leatherinternally it gets in your pets system and fleas and ticks leave.

Noni Benefits

  • Immune builder: Enzymes in noni help the body fight diseases and parasitic infestation
  • Skin regeneration: Raw noni has been used for years to help heal the skin
  • Reduces inflammation: restores balance to the body’s systems and soothes pain

Bhakti Example

Bhakti is our much-loved farm dog, who runs up to us every day when it’s time to take his noni. He clearly knows it’s good for him. He’s 11 years old, but still behaves like a puppy.

Fed noni all his life, Bhakti has never had a tick or a flea, or heartworm. He’s never had shots or pills to prevent them, it is the noni that keeps him healthy and the fleas and ticks at bay.
What treatments do you use to prevent or treat fleas and ticks? Have you tried noni? Let us know in the comments! 

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