Friday, December 11, 2015

Summer Skin Part 5: Skin Ailments, Bruises, Sprains, and Fractures

Spending lots of time outside in nature is one of the best parts of summer. But summertime also has lots of dangers for your skin. Good thing Hawaiian Organic Noni is here to help! Over the next few weeks, we’ll be sharing all kinds of ways that our Noni lotions and Noni Fruit Leather can keep your skin healthy this summer.
Being active in the outdoors is great for your mental and physical well-being, but hiking, playing sports, and gardening outside gives you lots of opportunities to get scraped, bumped, or worse.

Bruises, sprains, and fractures can all benefit from real Noni products. This powerful fruit can help you heal faster, with less pain and less long-term damage. Keep reading to learn how our products work, and how they contribute to lifelong healthy skin.

What Kinds of Skin Ailments and Conditions Can Noni Heal?

Noni can heal any kind of injury or condition, whether you’ve injured the skin, blood vessels, connective tissue, or a bone.

Skin Ailments

It’s important to help even a small skin ailment to heal as quickly as possible—even more so for larger ones. When your skin begins to heal, it goes through four stages of recovery:
  1. Inflammation: Body focuses on preventing further damage with blood clotting, narrowing blood vessels, and using specialized cells to clear debris.
  2. Epithelialization: To protect against bacteria and to retain water, new skin cells are formed.
  3. Proliferation: Your skin starts building up more permanent skin and capillaries so the cells can make even more new skin.
  4. Remodeling: The replacement skin continues to strengthen and blend into undamaged skin.
Noni Lavender Lotion can help every step in this process. It reduces painful inflammation, helps protect against infection, provides building blocks of healthy skin, and helps prevent scarring.


You get a bruise when the small veins and capillaries under your skin break, and blood leaks out. As your body heals, your body metabolizes the blood cells that were released. Bruising can be very painful, and it’s good to help them heal as quickly as they can. Noni can help reduce inflammation, soothe pain, and provide materials for tissues to heal themselves.

Sprains and Strains

It’s very important for sprains to heal fully and correctly. If a sprain or strain doesn’t fully heal, you’re at greater risk of injuring the area again. You can also be left with long-term pain and stiffness.

Sprains are damage to ligaments, which are what hold your bones together at the joints. When a ligament is stretched too much, it can become inflamed, or even tear. They’re usually caused by a fall, or other distinct one-time injuries.
Strains are muscle or tendon injuries or tears. This also causes inflammation and a great deal of pain. Chronic strains are due to repetitive motion and overuse of muscles and tendons. Acute strains are from an isolated incident of overstretching or over-contracting a muscle.
Both can benefit from application of Noni lotion, which reduces inflammation and gives the tissues the materials they need to heal. All of our Noni lotions penetrate deep to heal sprains and strainsat the source.


If you fracture a bone, you should definitely see a doctor, to get the treatment you need. But it’s also important to give your bone the best chance to heal fully and correctly. Noni lotions can actually penetrate all the way to the bone to promote healing.

How to Use Noni to Heal Injuries

When you first get injured, make sure to perform basic first aid. Clean the skin area and assess the damage. Elevating the injured area can slow bleeding and reduce inflammation. If there’s evidence of a sprain, strain, or fracture, stabilize the area to prevent further damage.
Once you’ve gotten the medical attention you need, if any, it’s time to start a healing routine. This is where Noni can make a big difference. Here’s how to use the different formulas we offer to heal different kinds of injuries.

Noni Lavender Lotion

This is our gentlest formula, great for daily use whether you have an injury or not. You can use it to treat multiple ailments and conditions above and below the surface of your skin. It is great for relieving pain, reducing inflammation, preventing infection, and helping repair damage at the source.
  • All plant based formula with organic noni pulp, organic lavender and grapefruit seed extract
  • Reduces scarring
  • Evens out skin tone and texture

Icy Heat Noni Lotion and IcyHeat Sports Formula

These formulas have our Noni Lavender formula as a base, but with the addition of menthol and camphor. The only difference between the two is, the Sports Formula contains more menthol and camphor so it takes effect more quickly. Both provide soothing relief for aching joints and muscles, bruises, and stiffness.
  • Apply and let air dry
  • Reduces pain and swelling
  • Loosens muscle tension and stiffness
Note: Because of the menthol and camphor in this formula, don’t use it on sensitive skin areas. Use Noni Lavender Lotion instead.

Instant Noni Aloe BioBandage

This formula is designed to adhere to the injury, to penetrate into the deep layers of tissue more quickly, for a faster recovery time. This can be used to restore damaged tissue, including muscle, skin, ligament, and bone.
  • Apply and let air dry as a protective covering
  • Speeds recovery time for sprains and fractures
  • Protects the injury

Why Does Noni Help?

Unfermented, slow-dehydrated Noni pulp is able to heal all these different kinds of tissues because it contains over 165 beneficial compounds that benefit the body. These compounds reduce pain, promote new tissue formation, and help prevent infection and scarring.
Here are just a very few of the compounds it contains that help heal the body:
  • Vitamins A and C (antioxidants)
  • Anthraquinone (helps cells create collagen and other building blocks of healthy skin)
  • Scopoletin (anti-inflammatory and analgesic)
Science is only just beginning to understand what traditional wisdom has shown for centuries: Noni heals the body. As more research comes out to explain why it has such powerful effects, we’ll keep you updated!
Have you used Noni lotions to heal a skin ailment, bruise, strain, sprain, or fracture? Tell us about your results!

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