Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Extinction of the Hawaiian Tree Snail

We are sad to report George passed away on January 1, 2019. George was approximately 14 years old. His death was confirmed by Hawaii's Department of Land and Natural Resources.

A little about George

Formally known as Achatinella apexfulva, the 14-year-old Hawaiian tree snail was the last of his kind on Earth. Yes my friends, this snail is officially extinct.
As the last known Achatinella apexfulva, George resided alone in a terrarium at Hawaii's Department of Land and Natural Resources snail lab in Kailua, Oahu, with 30 other snail species near extinction.

George’s Home Life

George was born at the University of Hawaii at Mānoa in the early 2000’s. Other siblings to George were born, but only George survived. George’s parents, along with the last 10 known remaining Hawaiian snails, were collected near Oahu's Poamoho trail in 1997.
For over a decade, researchers unsuccessfully searched for another member of George’s species for repopulation.

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