Tuesday, February 5, 2019

TBI Winter Sport Awareness Month Part 2

Playing sports has physical and psychological benefits. As with everything (including sports) there are risks. Continuing from previous blogs for the month of January regarding TBI awareness, below are some important reminders to remain safe while having fun this winter.


Muscles that haven't been properly warmed up tend to be injured more easily. Warming up can involve light cardiovascular activities such as jumping jacks or a brisk walk.
Did you know? Stretching after a warm-up is more beneficial to your muscles since the tissues are more elastic (flexible). This is due to the increased blood flow to the muscles from an increased heart rate.

Practice, Practice, Practice!

Remember, if you don’t use it you lose it. Regardless if you belong to a professional sports team or not, practicing can enhance your performance and lessen the chance of injury. Shooting a few free throws before a basketball game for instance, can continually train your brain and body to work together and improve your performance.

Avoid Muscle Strain

Although it’s beneficial to practice regularly, don't overdo it. Sudden increases in intensity whether in sports or working out can lead to muscle overuse and injury.

Now that we’ve warmed up and practiced, let’s go over equipment.

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