Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Our Noni Journey

Young and old alike, we all have the desire to enjoy good health. For those just starting their Noni journey, below is a brief overview of why we produce our Organic Noni products the way we do as well as how to use them. When it comes to Noni Fruit, potency is key.

Our Journey with Noni Fruit Leather and Noni Lotions:

Over the years, customers ask “Why do you not make a powered capsule of Noni?” The answer is always the same:  “Heat destroys enzymes and beneficial compounds in the raw pulp which destroys the potency.“ When I present my “Noni: Fact and Fiction” lecture at medical conventions, etc., I begin with the question: “Is Noni a miracle? No. Does Noni heal? Absolutely, if you do not destroy the potency of the pulp in processing.“

Freeze Drying:

The material to be freeze dried is first steamed at 140 F to sterilize or kill all the “bad pathogens” – which also kills all the good enzymes, etc.


We found that commercial dehydration units, dry at 140 F to make a powder. Same result – high heat destroys the beneficial enzymes and evaporates compounds.


The raw pulp is discarded and the remaining liquid is pasteurized at high heat.

Did you know? Scientifically, one loses 50% of the value of an apple when juicing if the pulp is discarded.
The same applies to Noni. The worst case scenario for Noni is to let the raw fruit ferment only to be juiced and pasteurized. Almost all the potency of the raw fruit is destroyed.

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