Monday, May 9, 2016

Give Your Body an All-Natural Spring Cleaning

Spring’s in full swing at last! Say goodbye to winter’s aches and pains, dry skin, and gloomy moods, and welcome sunshine, chirping birds, and the start of the growing season!
Of course, spring also comes with its own set of challenges: allergies, the dreaded spring flu or cold, and sore muscles from trying to work off that winter weight! It’s a season for renewal and change — don’t let your body hold you back from your best self this year.
A great way to embrace the warmer weather is to do some spring cleaning...for your body! This doesn’t necessarily mean going on a cleanse, but following these tips can help give you a fresh slate to write the story of this year on!

Drink in Some Sunshine

So many cleanses and detox tips focus on what you eat and drink, but it’s extremely important to drink in your sunshine as well! As you know, sunshine provides vitamin D, a key nutrient that you body can produce by itself — just add sunlight!
Sunshine converts cholesterol in your skin into vitamin D, and all you need is 10 or 15 minutes outside each day to absorb all you need. And with the days getting longer, you have less of an excuse to miss your daily dose. Just watch out for sunburn, and click here to learn how to treat sunburn with noni!
Vitamin D is essential for a healthy immune system, healthy bones, and possibly even weight loss. Plus, if you go outside in the morning, you can improve your circadian rhythms and improve alertness during the day.

Hydrate Away

This is the number one easy way to improve your quality of life for the huge numbers of us who are nearly always slightly dehydrated. All you have to do is squeeze in a few extra drinks of water throughout the day.
If you’re really concerned about hydration, consider cutting out diuretics like coffee and alcohol. There are lots of reasons to cut out these substances, not least of which is your ability to hydrate better without them.
Cutting out liquid calories and replacing them with water will not only help you hydrate, but could also help balance out your blood sugar, reduce your weight, and leave room in your diet for much more nutritious food calories!

Eat Nature’s Bounty

So many of us today are worried about reducing calories, not even realizing that the more serious problem is the need to boost nutrition! Our modern food system is adept at producing high-calorie, nutritionless foods. The only way to fight back is to eat more unprocessed, organic foods.
Eating more plants is a great place to start, particularly leaves, fruits, and roots. If you think that just means eating a ton of salads, think again! We wrote out some tips to incorporate more plants into your diet — click here to check it out.
In particular, upping your intake of raw foods like Noni Fruit Leather can be extremely beneficial in terms of nutrition, detoxification, and weight loss.

Learn how to fight off free radicals and up your dietary fiber intake in the original article.

Get Your Skin Beach-Ready

Of course, you can’t neglect your body’s largest organ in this spring cleaning: the skin! Not only does our skin’s health impact how we feel about our looks, it’s also one of the first organs to show signs of trouble when things are out of balance. Allergies, acne, scarring, and aging are all signs that our bodies aren’t getting what they need.
In thinking about the skin, you have to consider both topical treatments and foods you can eat that contain nutrients your skin needs. For example, rather than torturing your skin with harsh chemicals to fight acne, try using Noni Lavender Lotion as we explain here, which soothes, heals, and rebuilds all at once. But also eat Noni Fruit Leather daily to give your skin the building blocks to build new, healthy skin.
If your skin is already damaged by stretch marksscars, or even skin conditions like eczema or psoriasis, this one-two punch of both topical and internal use of noni can have a dramatic impact. Don’t give up on your skin — it just needs a little help to return even skin tone, tighten up, and regain its youthful glow.

Get Moving

Surely you didn’t think you were going to get through a post about spring cleaning for your body without touching on exercise? Exercise will make all of the above activities feel easier and more natural, and they will in turn make it easier to motivate yourself to get moving!
Exercise helps detoxify your body by getting your blood and other bodily fluids moving and circulating. This helps the good nutrients get used and stored appropriately in the body, and helps toxins and other junk you don’t need to get flushed through.
The good news is, one of the first benefits of taking raw food noni every day is a consistent energy boost. It’s the perfect quick snack before a workout, as it doesn’t fill you up or slosh around in your stomach, but it gives you a really substantial amount of energy! So that’s it — no more excuses!
How does noni fit into your self-care this spring? How are you committing to your best self?

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