Saturday, December 23, 2017

Noni Numbers Equal Good Health!

When talking about the noni fruit and all of its medicinal attributes, experts throw around numbers and forms of measurement as a method to prove to the how very, very good for you the noni is (Which it is).
But, what do these numbers really mean?
If you don’t understand the numbers, how can you possibly choose the right form of noni for you and your family?
Wikipedia states that twelve hundred milligrams of noni holds an astonishing 9.8mg vitamin C, .048mg of niacin, potassium, as well as iron, vitamin A, calcium and sodium.
But how much is 1200mgs?
Sounds like a pretty big number, but actually it’s quite small, less than half an ounce. Remember that 16 ounces make one pound, the equivalent of 6 plums. Based on the estimate that one large noni fruit weighs roughly one pound, that means one pound of noni is a total of 453,592.37 mgs., which means there’s A LOT of vitamins and minerals in every noni.

Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Noni for Cramps

Prevent Muscle Cramps

Both the IcyHeat Noni Lotion and Noni Lavender Lotion are great for preventing cramps for all you hard workers and sports folks.
We have many athletes that apply our Noni Lotions before sporting events as an organic cramp preventative. Many years ago, the University of Hawaii basketball sports trainer - Melody Toth - conducted an experiment by having half the basketball team apply our Noni Lotion and half the team not apply the Noni Lotion before 2 hour practices. At the end of practice, she found that the players who had applied the Noni Lotion were not tired and had no muscle cramps! The players that did not apply the Noni Lotion experienced fatigue and cramping. She found our Noni Lotions to be an organic solution to muscle fatigue and cramping!!

Muscle Cramp Relief

You can use any of the Noni Lotions for pain relief. Most folks prefer the IcyHeat Noni Lotions (IcyHeat Noni Lotion or the newer IcyHeat Sports Formula) for pain and inflammation relief as the added menthol and camphor hasten the penetration and relief. On the farm, we use the Sports Formula IcyHeat quite often for tired muscles and cramps.

Monday, December 18, 2017

Noni Dosage Tips

Remember the effects of Noni are definitely dosage related whether internally using the Noni Fruit Leather or externally applying the Noni Lotions.

Recommended daily dosage rate for the Noni Fruit Leather.

On the back of every package it reads:
“As a supplement, a 2-inch x 2-inch piece per day. For chronic conditions: Two to four pieces per day”
This is based upon Research at the University of Hawaii for 8 years on terminally ill Cancer patients. In Phase 1 of the research, they were up to 40 times the daily dosage rate with not one negative side effect. They could not find a toxic level. However, they found that at two pieces per day, 24 of the 48 people in the study had no pain and at four pieces per day all 48 people had no pain. Different people have different levels of need based upon their size, chronic condition and how they assimilate the noni compounds.

Morinda Citrifolia (aka Noni Fruit)

Exploring the Fruit's Origins

Throughout our site you will find us touting the remarkable benefits and the powerful, naturally occurring chemical components that make up our top-quality Noni Fruit Leather and Noni Lotionproducts made from noni fruit (Morinda Citrifolia). But we think the history of this amazing plant deserves a little attention of its own.
Morinda citrifolia is the scientific name of this attractive tropical plant that first arrived in the South Pacific through the colonization efforts of the ancient peoples of French Polynesia. They relied on the fruit for both nutritional value and for its natural healing properties.
These sea-farers were known to have utilized every part of the Noni plant for human consumption. They took the plants (Morinda Citrifolia) with them from island to island, and it is now eaten in raw and cooked forms by different people groups depending on cultural preferences.

What You Should Know About Noni Juice

Why not noni juice?

Organic noni has over 165 compounds that benefit the body. The many benefits to the human body include pain relief, faster healing, and improved cell functionality. Traditionally Hawaiians and Polynesians consumed noni as a preventative measure to boost the immune system, and to help keep themselves from getting sick. They ate noni as a raw fruit for maximum benefit.
Unfortunately, today many noni manufacturers create a much less potent product called noni juice, which is made through the fermentation process and discards the fruit pulp.
The potency is in the raw non-fermented pulp of noni. Harvested hard and white from the tree, the fruit ripens in 2-3 days to a soft translucent fruit much like a ripe tomato. Within hours of ripening, noni fruit begins to rot and ferment. The fermentation process creates alcohol and research has shown destroys all the beneficial enzymes and changes the chemical structure of the remaining compounds. All of the noni juices on the market are fermented, and therefore have a significantly reduced potency level and health impact on the body.

Monday, November 27, 2017

Why Noni is So Special- Blood Pressure

This section of “Why Noni is So Special” is about how to lower blood pressure naturally.
High blood pressure can take a toll on the cardiovascular system. According to the Centers for Disease, Control and Prevention, approximately 68 million Americans are affected by high blood pressure. High blood pressure is also known as the “silent killer” because complications in connection with high blood pressure do not appear until the advance stages. Fortunately, there are options to naturally lower blood pressure-  once such option is Noni Fruit.

Sunday, November 26, 2017

Noni Fruit: Importance of Potency

One can find many herbs and fruits in nature that contain medicinal qualities. Generally speaking, they tend to be very specific, limiting to only 4-5 conditions. However, Noni Fruit, with over 165 beneficial compounds, has been used over the centuries by many cultures for health and wellness. Over the past 25 years, scientific research have discovered that noni fruit can address over 65 different conditions (as listed on the USDA’s website).
To accomplish this feat, the beneficial properties lie in the pulp of the raw noni fruit, not in fermented juices, dehydrated capsules or freeze dried capsules. How can this be you ask?

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Noni for a Restful Sleep

The CDC (Center of Disease Control) stated Americans are under a severe sleep academic.  
Did you know? Approximately 8 in 10 Americans admit they would feel better if they had an extra hour of sleep.
Thankfully, there are numerous natural solutions to help you not only attain better health, but better ZZZs as well.

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Why is Noni So Special- Natural Acne Treatment

The final piece in the skin section of “Why Noni is So Special” is acne.
Oh acne! How we despise thee! To eliminate acne let’s briefly discuss what acne is.
To put it plainly, acne starts when your sebaceous glands clog your skin’s pores due to the sebum (or oil) that your skin naturally produces. These pores become inflamed and infected causing redness to appear on the skin that acne is so famous for. Sever cases of acne (cystic acne) are nodules lying below the skin's surface that have become inflamed and infected. Cystic acne is very painful and usually results in scarring.
The first step to reducing acne is to eliminate the inflammation in your skin. Noni fruit contains over 165 powerful compounds. One such compound is scopoletin that works as a natural anti-inflammatory and natural pain reliever. Applying Noni Lavender Lotion to the affected area can cause immediate pain relief helping you resist the urge to pick and scratch your acne. Noni fruit also contains compounds (like vitamin C) that act as anti-histamines, which can help reduce acne by decreasing your body’s sensitivity to skin irritants when cleansing and moisturising your skin.

Why Noni is So Special- Anti-aging Naturally

Noni fruit. Who’s heard of it? This little potato sized raw food contains big medicinal properties. Over 165 compounds to be more precise. What can noni fruit do for you? What noni health benefits are of specific interest to you? This is the first in a series of blogs that will briefly go over the key health benefits of this pungent but potent fruit. First stop: Anti-aging
Your skin is the biggest organ in your body. Some argue it’s the most important. Why? Skin keeps bacteria away from your internal organs and out of your blood stream. Sounds vital? We thought so!

Noni Fruit’s Anti-aging Benefits:

One of your skin’s biggest aging enemies are free radicals. That’s right! An oxygen molecule who just got out of a bad relationship is scavenging your body for another molecule to pair with. This “free radical” will “steal” a molecule from another cell causing another “free radical” to form. See the domino effect? This chain reaction can cause disease, inflammation, and of course aging skin.
To combat free radicals, your skin needs natural antioxidants like vitamin C to reverse the effects of aging and pollution. Noni fruit not only contains large amounts of vitamin C, but noni also contains selenium which is an important natural antioxidant and essential trace mineral that preserves the skin elasticity thus slowing the aging process. Published research has shown our Noni Fruit Leather has the highest natural antioxidant levels per serving size than apples, blueberries, and even other superfoods like acai berries. As raw food, the Noni Fruit Leather feeds the cells of the body promoting good health.
Click here to read more!

Xenoestrogen and Lavender Essential Oils

What is an estrogenic?

An estrogenic is usually defined as a substance either synthetic or natural that functions like estrogen in the body. The broad term for these estrogen affecting substances are “xenoestrogens”.  Did you know? Plant-based estrogen affecting substances are referred as “phytoestrogens”.
Xenoestrogens interfere with the endocrine system. They can mimic or block the body's natural process for producing and regulating hormones. Approximately 70,000 chemicals having adverse hormonal effects have been registered. Xenoestrogens are found in our soil, food, household and personal care products.
List of common Xenoestrogen Sources:
  • Bisphenol-A (BPA) used in many plastic bottles
  • Butylated hydroxyanisole (BHS) common food preservative
  • Konium chloride which is found in many creams and cosmetics
  • Phthalates found in perfumes, deodorizers, and air fresheners
  • Petrochemically based perfumes
  • Nail polish nail polish remover
  • Parabens found in many shampoos and conditioners
  • Petrochemicals in dryer sheets, laundry detergent, and fabric softeners. Some of which can make your clothing flammable

What about essential oils? Click here for more!

Monday, October 30, 2017

Why is Noni So Special- Natural Sunburn Treatment

Next up for discussion in our “Why is Noni So Special” series is noni as a natural sunburn treatment.
Being exposed to sunlight is good and bad for the body. Exposure to UV light from the sun helps the body make its own Vitamin D (which is good), but too much sunlight can result in a sunburn damaging the DNA in your skin cells (which is bad). When the sun damages the DNA of your skin cells, it can put you at higher risk for these types of cancer:
  • Melanoma
  • Basal-cell carcinoma
  • Squamous-cell carcinoma
Did you know? If you get sunburned 5 times in your life, your risk of melanoma doubles!

Save the Bees!

Who doesn’t like honey? Most of us enjoy the sweet sticky goodness and medicinal properties that honey provides. We would not have honey to enjoy if it wasn’t for the humble bee. The most popular bees know to us are the honeybee and the bumble bee. In addition to the most loved honeybee and bumblebee, there are about 4,000 species of native or wild bees in the continental U.S. These include carpenter bees, sweat bees, and leafcutter bees just to name a few.

How bees do their job:

Bees pollinate the plants around us. Pollination occurs when pollen is transferred from one flower to another flower of the same species. When pollen gets transferred to the second flower, it becomes fertilized. When a flower is fertilized, fruit and seed production can take place. Bees receive protein from flower pollen, and carbohydrates from the flower's nectar to make honey.
Proper pollination results in large, healthy fruits. Poor pollination results in deformed fruits that often drop off before ripening.
Can we do this job ourselves? Yes. However, bees, birds, bats and other insects can do a far better job of pollination than we can.
Honeybees and wild bees are the most important pollinators. There are approximately 100 different crop species that provide 90% of our global food supply. Of the 100 species, 71 are bee-pollinated. Bees are not just important, we can’t live without them.
Did you know? Approximately, 1 out of every 3 bites of your food depend on bees?

Thursday, March 2, 2017

A Summer Sunburn Solution!

Summer right around the corner and is also the season for sun! Getting outside, being active and staying healthy are some of the easiest things to do in the summer. Whether it be relaxing on the beach, swimming in the water, riding bikes, going on evening walks with your loved ones, or just enjoying your own backyard with the family, summertime is the best time to do it!
Soaking up all those rays can be good for your body, but when you get too much sun, we all know what happens!


Take Advantage of the Benefits of Noni: 5 Amazing Uses

Taking care of your health means a lot of different things. Activities like exercising, eating right and remembering to take your vitamins is just the start of living a healthy lifestyle. But sometimes it’s hard to know where to get the correct nutrients from; though noni can easily help you! The surprising and astounding benefits of raw non-fermented noni fruit can provide you with an all-organic solution for a healthy lifestyle. Here’s just a few of the ways this humble Polynesian superfood can work in your favor:


5 Reasons to Switch to Raw Noni

At Hawaiian Organic Noni, our mission is to educate people about a much more healthful, nutritious alternative to noni juice: slow-dehydrated Noni Fruit Leather. Noni Fruit Leather is a raw food, because we heat it at such a low temperature that all the beneficial compounds in the raw fruit stay intact.

The History of Noni’s “Discovery”

We talk a lot about the ancient Polynesians and how they used raw noni fruit, internally and externally, to maintain good health and heal a variety of ailments. But how did they learn how to use it?

Of course, it’s hard to be sure exactly—after all, this was thousands of years ago! But we talked to some University of Hawaii ethnobotanists who visited the farm a few years back, and they gave us their take on how noni might have been discovered. We also did our own research, to try to bring you the most complete picture of how Noni was discovered, and what today’s noni-lovers can learn from the fruit’s history.


Hokulea Polynesian Voyaging Society: A Legacy Worth Protecting

In today’s world, where most of us navigate by GPS-enabled smartphones, it’s hard to remember how challenging navigation really is! Particularly for Polynesian explorers, who navigated the Pacific Ocean without even a compass, much less latitude and longitude, navigation was an art form.


Take Your Health Back with Noni!

It just takes a glance around the grocery store to see how much the American diet has changed in the last 50 years. And it just takes looking at the obesity, diabetes, and heart disease statistics to see the impact of that change. Compounding the problem, Americans today spend more time sitting and less time exercising. It’s a sure recipe for steady health decline.


Natural Energy Boosters

Low energy can be extremely frustrating. Does it ever seem like no matter how much sleep you get, you never quite feel like yourself?
Energy levels tend to work as a feedback loop. That means, if you feel energized, you have a tendency to do more things that energize you! Unfortunately, the reverse is true. If your energy levels are low, the natural reaction is to rest and take it easy — which lowers your energy levels even further.
Sometimes, all you need is an energy boost to switch from a low energy feedback loop to sustainable, natural, high energy. Here are our favorite natural energy boosters to get you going!

Secrets to an Energizing Morning Routine!

You’ve probably heard that the way you start your day sets the tone for your mood, productivity, and energy levels all day long. But have you taken control of your mornings yet?
I want to share a few tips and tricks for a healthy, energizing start to your day, based on my own morning routine. You can wake up feeling full of energy, no matter what your age is, if you learn what your body needs each morning, and make a habit.

Arthritis Sufferers is Noni right for you?


Arthritis an informal way referring to joint pain (also referred to as arthralgia). There are over 100 different types of arthritis. When four or more joints are involved, the arthritis is referred to as polyarthritis. When two or three joints are involved, it is referred to as oligoarthritis. When a single joint is involved, it is referred to as monoarthritis. Arthritis is one of the leading causes of disability in America. More than 50 million adults and 300,000 children have some type of arthritis.