Monday, February 29, 2016

What to Do if You Just Don’t Like How Noni Tastes

We’ll be the first to admit it: noni has an unusual flavor and smell. It’s most similar to bleu cheese, enough so that many people call it “Cheesy Fruit” or just “Stinky Fruit.” Some people call it “Vomit Fruit,” but we promise that one in particular isn’t accurate.
But it is a fact that many people are shocked by their first taste of noni fruit.
Many people try noni for the first time either when they try our Noni Fruit Leather, or when they sample noni fruit fresh from the tree when they visit our organic family farm on a tour. The fruit tastes better than it smells, but it’s always funny to watch people’s initial reaction on the farm tour.
Usually, you can acquire a taste for it over time, especially once you start to associate it with the mood and energy lift that comes with it. But if you really struggle with the taste of Noni Fruit Leather, here are some suggestions to help you get your daily dose of noni anyway.

Roll it Up Like a Pill

This is the easiest way to get your noni without having to taste much of it. It’s also a great way to get stubborn pets to take noni (although most pets seem to love how it tastes — they can tell it’s good for them).
First, portion out a 2x2 inch square of Noni Fruit Leather (our recommended dose) into a fewsmaller pieces. Then simply roll each of those pieces into a ball using your fingers and swallow them like pills. You still get all the health benefits of noni, but it doesn’t have to be in your mouth for very long!

Dissolve it in Liquid

Our Noni Fruit Leather has the unique property of being able to dissolve in liquids. This helps you swallow the noni more quickly, since you don’t have to chew it up. It also gives you the opportunity toadd a flavor that’s more palatable to you.
Try adding your 2x2 inch piece of noni to warm (not hot!) water while you’re steeping tea. Noni’s flavor goes well with many herbal teas. You can also add noni to your favorite juice — preferably homemade or organic.

Make Noni Tea

If mixing noni with your juice or tea still isn’t quite doing it for you, try the special Noni Iced Tea recipe we’ve developed here at Hawaiian Organic Noni! The recipe is naturally-sweetened, allergy-friendly, and totally organic.
You start by pureeing Noni Fruit Leather with water, and then add apple juice, more water, and cinnamon for a complex, fresh, naturally sweet flavor. We serve this tea at the start of every farm tour, and it’s always a hit!

Create a Signature Smoothie Blend

You can also add Noni Fruit Leather to a smoothie blend, where the flavor will almost totally camouflage behind the other fruits you added. It’s particularly good in green smoothies and smoothies with lots of other tropical fruits.
Tip: Start your smoothie blend with just your liquid (water, juice, coconut water, or nut milk), your piece of noni fruit leather, and any vegetables you want to add. Blending these first helps make sure there aren’t any chunks of noni or vegetables in the final smoothie.
Once you have a smoothly blended liquid, add your fruit, thickeners, and other flavorings.

Try Noni Banana Fruit Leather

We also make a different version of our Noni Fruit Leather, which is the same as our regular recipe, but with the addition of real banana. The banana adds extra potassium, so you get all the beneficial compounds of noni, plus all the goodness of ripe banana.
Most importantly, the banana gives the fruit leather a more balanced, sweeter flavor. You can still get your daily dose of noni without having to work too hard to disguise the flavor — we do the work for you! You can also use Noni Banana Fruit Leather in any of the above ways!

Use Noni as a Bleu Cheese Substitute

Some people have difficulty mixing noni fruit’s unusual flavor profile with sweeter flavors, and do better getting their noni from a savory source. Noni actually makes a great bleu cheese substitutein dressings, salads, and dips!
We’ve developed a few recipes that use noni as a bleu cheese substitute. These recipes give you theflavor of bleu cheese, totally vegan and without the fatClick here to take a look!

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Did you acquire a taste for noni? Or do you have to get creative to disguise the taste? Let us know in the comments!

Friday, February 26, 2016

This Unusual Fruit Can Help You Feel Your Best This Winter

Winters are mild here on our family farm on Kauai, but for those of you who live in colder climates, this season can be really tough on the body and the mind. Cold, dry winter air can aggravate aches and pains and dry out your skin. Lower levels of daylight can depress your mood, and it’s hard to keep the winter cold and flu bugs at bay. But noni, a Polynesian fruit with an unusual flavor and powerful healing properties, is here to help!

What is Noni?

Noni is a fruit that comes from a hardy tree that thrives in tropical zones. The fruit has an unique flavor and smell that many people acquire a taste for.
More importantly, the fruit has over 165 powerful beneficial healing compounds, that can heal your body from the inside out and the outside in.

Compounds in Noni

  • Scopoletin: Pain-killer, boosts mood
  • Anthraquinone: Anti-bacterial
  • Terpenes: Cell restoration
  • Soluble & Insoluble Fiber
  • Vitamins, Minerals, & Phytonutrients

Effects of Noni

Noni fruit has a wide variety of beneficial impacts on the mind and body, which are especially important during the winter.
  • Improves mood
  • Relieves pain and inflammation
  • Helps repair cells
  • Strengthens immune response

Where Can I Find Noni?

Unfortunately, you won’t find fresh noni fruit in your grocery store. It starts to ferment almost immediately after being picked, and it doesn’t keep at all. If you don’t have access to a noni treewhere you can get fresh fruit, you’ll need to buy a stabilized noni product.
Noni juice is the most common, but least effective. To make noni juice, the fruit is allowed to fully ferment, and then is prepared into a juice that is often sweetened and/or diluted. Plus, the fermentation process itself destroys many of the beneficial compounds that make noni so powerful for healing.
At Hawaiian Organic Noni, we’ve solved the problem by creating raw, slow-dehydrated Noni Fruit Leather and lotions from fresh, organic noni pulp. Removing the water keep the product stable, without destroying those beneficial compounds.
We offer a convenient, easy way to get your daily dose of noni, as close as you can get to fresh off the tree. Check out our shop to learn more!
Noni takes a few weeks of consistent use to get results, so start taking noni now to be fully prepared for winter! Here are some specific ways noni can help you look and feel your best this winter.

Protects and Heals Skin

Winter is hard on skin because the cold, dry air tends to suck the moisture right out of you. The result is dry skin, which can lead to other complaints like acne or even contribute to the aging process.

Many people also neglect to wear sunscreen during the winter, as the sun is less intense. But it’s still very possible to get a sunburn in the winter, especially while playing winter sports. If you live at elevation, the danger is especially high.

How Noni Helps:

Noni, whether applied topically or taken internally, helps protect and heal dry skin. It contains all the nutritional building blocks for healthy skin. For best results, we recommend both taking a daily dose of Noni Fruit Leather and applying Noni Lavender Lotion on dry spots.

Soothes Aches and Pains

Cold weather tends to bring out aches and pains like nothing else, which makes winter a very difficult season for many people. Relief can be short-lived and hard to come by

How Noni Helps:

Noni contains powerful pain relieving compounds, which soothe pain and inflammation without the damaging side effects of most painkillers. One study from Acta Pharmacologica Sinica found that noni was 75% as strong a painkiller as morphine, without any side effects or toxic level.
Applying noni to the area in pain relieves the symptom of pain in the shorter term, and taking Noni Fruit Leather addresses the deeper issue causing the pain. Whether the problem is inflammation, damaged tissue, or microbial, noni can tackle it.

Keeps the Blues at Bay

Winter can be tough on mental health as well as physical, particularly if you suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), a condition where the low light levels of winter set off a depressive episode. It’s very common in varying degrees.
There are lots of potential ways to combat SAD, but diet is one of them. Changing your diet can actually change how you feel for a variety of reasons, and adding one powerful raw food like noni can make a big difference.

How Noni Helps:

The scopoletin in noni helps bind serotonin, a neurotransmitter with a big impact on mood. In fact, a mood and energy boost is one of the first things most people notice when they start taking Noni Fruit Leather daily.

Boosts Immune System

The winter cold and flu season is hard to escape from unscathed, especially if your immune system is already compromised by poor diet, chronic inflammation, and other factors.
Focus on natural ways to boost your immune response, and you stand a better chance of avoiding getting sick. If you get sick anyway, you’re likely to heal more quickly if your body has everything it needs to heal, already on hand.

How Noni Helps:

Noni has been used for thousands of years as a natural preventative. Ancient Polynesians ate the raw fruit daily to maintain good health. Today, we know that noni boosts the immune system and fights off microbial infection, making it a must-have to fight those winter bugs.

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How have you used noni for your winter ailments? Let us know in the comments!

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Fight Parasites with Noni!

One of noni’s many powers is its ability to help combat both human and pet parasites. Parasites can have a serious impact on you and your furry friends. Now you have an all-organic way to fight back, and even prevent parasites from striking at all!
Parasites can be bacteria, fungus, worms, insects, or arachnids. Some parasites cause acute symptoms, and others linger for long periods of time, slowly damaging health and detracting from quality of life. Either way, it’s important to address them right away.
But many medicines to treat parasites, especially for pets, are highly toxic. They can cause substantial harm to the host even as they get rid of the parasites. Even worse, many of these toxic treatments are becoming less and less effective over time, as parasite species co-evolve to outsmart us.
Noni is nature’s medicine, and it repels parasites without any toxins, or even any additives. The beneficial compounds in noni work together to fight infection, relieve pain, and, of course, drive away the harmful parasites.
Here are some ways it can help you and your pets stay parasite-free!

Bacterial Parasites

Sometimes, the parasites you can’t even see are the most harmful. Parasitic bacteria can attack you or your pets, going for the skin or even internal organs. Obviously, there’s a huge range of bacteria out there that affect humans and pets. Here are a few of the most common, which noni can help.
Noni is a powerful anti-microbial, due to the high levels of compounds like anthraquinone. It also helps boost the immune system. Whether taken internally as fruit leather or applied to the affected area as a lotion, noni helps keep bacterial parasites at bay.

Gut Bacteria

The blend of bacteria in our guts is a very complex, fragile ecosystem. The wrong kind of bacteria can mess up that balance and cause serious problems, as in this testimonial:
“I visited your island at the end of October and bought some Noni. I had ulcers and H. pylori and the doctors treated me four times and couldn't get rid of it. I took Noni fruit leather for six weeks and retested. I am bacteria free. Thank You for such a wonderful product! Thirty years I have fought ulcers.” — Sandra
Pets and humans alike can suffer from an imbalance of gut bacteria, and both can be aided by noni.

External Bacteria

Bacterial skin infections can be dangerous for pets and humans alike, but noni can help fight off bacteria that infects the skin. It also soothes the pain of the infection when applied topically.
Horses in particular are prone to bacterial skin infections. Rain rot (streptothiricosis) and Mud Fever(pastern dermatitis) are both common ailments for horses. Veterinarians have confirmed that noni is an effective organic treatment for both of these horse complaints. Learn more in this blog post!

Parasitic Fungal Infections

Parasitic fungal infections can be very nasty and difficult to get rid of. They can affect both humans and animals. The good news is, noni is great at fighting fungal infection.
Noni suppresses the spread of filaments in fungal cells, effectively stopping the growth of the fungus. It also reduces irritation at the site of the infection, as this testimonial shows:
“My physician diagnosed me with "Athletes Toe." It's very itchy and the Dr.'s order was not good for my situation. I called you and was told to use the lavender lotion and within 3 days was able to sleep without an itch! Thank you” — Johnny

Insects and Arachnids

Some of the most common parasites are insects and arachnids. They prey on humans and animals alike, and many can cause irritated skin. Many also carry diseases that can have much more serious complications.

Fleas and Ticks

Noni naturally repels most insect and arachnid parasites, preventing them from attacking at all. A great example is fleas and ticks, who generally don’t bite pets that eat noni every day. Our farm dog, Bhakti, has never had shots to prevent fleas or ticks, but he’s never been bitten yet!


Lice are another parasite that just hates noni — much to our benefit! Noni lotion is a great natural remedy for head lice infections. It repels lice away from the head without any harsh chemicals.

Bug Bites

Once you get bitten, whether by a mosquito or another bug, many people will develop an irritating reaction. Itching, redness, and even pain are common. Noni relieves the irritation and speeds up the healing process. You can use either Noni Lavender Lotion or the Instant Noni Aloe BioBandage.
Noni contains the compound scopoletin, which is being actively researched for its pain-relieving, anti-inflammatory properties. After applying noni, your bites should feel less itchy, less hot, and less inflamed. If you’re treating your furry friends, hopefully they will be able to leave the bites alone long enough to heal!


Noni is also a powerful de-worming agent for pets, without any of the harmful chemicals usually used to remove them. Check out this testimonial:
“After my sheltie was diagnosed with whip worm and the meds prescribed by the vet failed to rid her of them I went searching the net for possible natural remedies. I read a review by someone claiming Noni rid her dog of whip worm by using Noni. I decided to try it, and the results are nothing short of amazing To say I am amazed is not saying enough. I have 4 dogs, and they are all taking Noni daily now, and will continue to do so for the rest of their lives. THANK YOU!!!!” — Chris
Noni can help with tape worms, whip worm, and round worms. You can cure your pet naturally, without having to resort to chemicals that might do as much harm as good.

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