Friday, May 11, 2018

Noni and Knee Pain

Addressing Knee Pain

The biggest factor in controlling knee pain is controlling inflammation. After an injury, inflammation invades the knee, causing additional injury, and (you guessed it!) additional inflammation.

Remember RICE

Rest: Rest the joint. Take a break from usual/strenuous activities involving the knee joint.
Ice: Applying ice can help with pain and inflammation.
Compress: Compression bandage can help prevent swelling and help knee alignment.
Elevate: Elevation can reduce swelling by utilizing gravity to help fluid flow back into circulation.

Noni and Knee Pain

Our Noni Fruit Leather and Noni Lotions contain organic noni fruit pulp. Noni is known for it’s natural pain relieving properties rivaling the drug tramadol and morphine without any negative side effects.

Plant Lovers Around the World Unite

Aloha friends!
As many of you know, myself and my family are either vegetarian or vegan.
Vegans are frequently misunderstood as fringe eaters with an unnatural passion for animal rights and the environment. While many vegans do feel passionately about these things (we most certainly do), we would like to share a few of the many health benefits living a plant based lifestyle can do for your health and the environment. We also included links to other blogs and research material regarding health and our main passion (Noni Fruit) for your reading pleasure.

Noni Skin Tips

Because of Noni Lavender Lotion’s ability to heal, and it’s soothing, luxurious quality, it’s a great beauty product. Many high-end spas here in Hawaii use our products, and you can too! Here are some of our top beauty tips and rituals using Hawaiian Organic Noni Lavender Lotion. Enjoy!

Noni Skin Tip Reminder

Remember, never apply the IcyHeat Noni Lotion to sensitive skin areas or your face, as the added menthol/camphor could burn or sting. However, the added menthol/camphor is perfect for stiffness, soreness, and other closed-skin injuries, as it opens up the pores of the body and lets the Noni in faster.

Noni Perfect Summer Sore Muscle Sunburn Lotion

The fruit is noni. The company is Hawaiian Organic Noni from the Garden Island of Kauai makes a fantastic lotion, one you definitely want to bring along on any vacation, or just have at home for days when you've overdone it and have intense muscle and nerve pain.
lt is really quite amazing. Steve Frailey and Scott Jarvis have literally received thousands of testimonials from people who're amazed at how well this product works. You can't buy that kind of enthusiasm. No, this is real.
Hawaiian Organic Noni's Noni Lavender Lotion isn't oily smooth and slick like a drug store product made with synthetic petrochemicals. The water-based lotion's basic power comes from the fact that it is as close to the raw pulp of noni with the 165 beneficial compounds research has identified in noni pulp. This is no easy feat as noni fruit is one of the most perishable fruits in nature. Once the hard mature white fruit ripens into a soft translucent white fruit (much like a soft ripe tomato), the fruit within hours begins to rot and ferment. The fermentation creates alcohol which research has shown destroys all the beneficial enzymes and destroys the potency of the raw pulp. Hawaiian Organic Noni's Noni Lavender Lotion is made from non-fermented, low heat processed raw noni pulp fo maximum potency. This topical lotion is naturally rich in scopoletin, a pain-relieving chemical of intense interest to medical doctors and scientists.

Earth Day Fun- Earthworms

With spring in full swing I suspect that many of us ask for a bit of help in the garden. Pulling weeds, planting, mulching...... However, did you know there is help already in the ground? I'm talking about earthworms!

Earthworms and Soil:

An important role earthworms play is tunneling through the soil. Tunneling accentuates the percolation (from the Latin word meaning to strain through) of water into the soil. This loosens the soil so oxygen and aerobic bacteria can get into plant roots allowing deeper penetration growing bigger, healthier plants.
Another role worms play is recycling organic waste by turning your kitchen scraps into worm castings(worm poop). Worm castings enrich the soil. We all know the better the soil, the better the garden.
Did you know? If there were only 5,000 worms in an acre of soil, they can produce up to 50 tons of worm castings!

Earth Day Fun - Sustainable Farming

Why sustainable farming?

Farmers who practice sustainable farming work with nature without depleting its precious resources. This can even be done in your own backyard!

Sustainable Farming Techniques:

No Till Agriculture

Most conventional farmers rely on tilling the soil. Tilling turns over the soil making it easier to plant new crops. However tilling kills living organisms (including earthworms), allows vital nutrients to escape, and gives weeds a chance to germinate.

Water and Solar Power

Utilizing what mother nature has already given us is a cost effective way to work the land. Solar and wind power are great natural energy resources. The cost may seem high up front, but the results will more than pay for itself. Regarding water conversation, only use the water you need, mulch heavily and collect rainwater when possible can also make your carbon foot lighter.

Earth Day Fun - DIY Organic Mulching

Organic mulching is:

Truly the best thing to help plants remain healthy. If one does nothing but mulch, plants will respond positively and grow much healthier.
Organic mulching creates an environment for lots of good things to happen. Mulching creates a cool, dark, and moist environment where earthworms (your best friends) thrive. Earthworms loosen the earth, aerate and fertilize plants. Click here to learn more about earthworms
Spreading organic mulch saves labor and nurtures plants by preventing most weed seeds from germinating. By maintaining moist soil during summer months, organic mulch reduces the need to water. Click here for 9 tips to save water at home.
Did you know? Myth: Mulching prevents soil from freezing. Fact: Mulching decreases the possibility of plants being trapped in freeze/thaw cycles. Organic mulching allows soil to warm up gradually in spring, preventing damage to plants that germinate early before temperatures are warm enough to sustain them.

Why Noni is so Special - Nitric Oxide

What is Nitric Oxide?

Taking center stage in over 160,000 studies and claiming the Nobel Prize in Medicine in 1998, nitric oxide (NO) is a chemical compound consisting of one nitrogen (N) atom and one oxygen (O) atom. Nitric oxide serves as a secondary neurotransmitter between the brain and nerve cells within the body. Nitric oxide also doubles as a vasodilator (widening of the artery walls) in the circulatory system.

Benefits of Nitric Oxide

How do I obtain nitric oxide?

Good news: The body produces nitric oxide naturally.
Bad news: Nitric oxide production declines as we age.
There are two ways the body generates nitric oxide. The easiest and best way to increase nitric oxideproduction is through a healthy nitrate-rich plant based eating plan. Foods entering the GI tract are naturally converted into nitric oxide during the digestion process. The second way is an enzyme known as nitric oxide synthase (NOS). Nitric oxide synthase synthesizes nitric oxide by combining oxygen with the amino acid L-arginine. More on this later.