Thursday, April 24, 2014

This, That, and the Other (Noni Lotions)

Meet our triple threat: Lavender Noni Lotion, IcyHeat Noni Lotion, and IcyHeat Sports Formula. They don’t sing, dance, and act, but they do just about everything else. This topical trifecta, derived from noni fruit, provides tender loving care for much of what ails you, inside and out.

Use Lavender Noni Lotion for abrasions, and skin issues and conditions. It runs the gamut, treating rashes, skin roughness, itching, sunburn, skin infections, acne, parasites, fungi, psoriasis, eczema, and other external irritators. Lavender Noni Lotion also has its cosmetic repertoire, combating wrinkles, rejuvenating skin, and fighting age spots, brown spots, and freckles. It will even exfoliate, cleanse, and smooth skin, as well as relax muscles and reduce joint pain. It is nothing if not versatile. 

Turning attention to IcyHeat Noni Lotion, it contains menthol and camphor. These two ingredients induce an icy sensation on the skin, at which point the pores open and noni is absorbed quicker than Lavender Noni Lotion. It is especially useful for sore muscles and joints, while also effective in preventing muscle fatigue and cramps. Additionally, IcyHeat Noni Lotion provides relief for bruises, sprains, pain and swelling, inflammation, stiffness, and even chest congestion.

Rounding out this tale of three is Noni IcyHeat Sports Formula. This is a souped-up version of IcyHeat Noni Lotion. Designed for those individuals with an active lifestyle, its enhanced IcyHeat formula includes one percent additional menthol and camphor for even faster treatment and symptom relief.

Please note not to use IcyHeat Noni Lotion or IcyHeat Sports Formula on cuts or otherwise broken skin. Their menthol and camphor will cause stinging in cuts and scrapes.

Noni is rich in antioxidants that seem to inhibit enzymes involved in hyper-inflammation. In other words, nature gifted noni in particular with some rather strong healing capabilities.

Sports teams in Hawaii (specifically the basketball team at the University of Hawaii), have known this for years. Consider common sporting injuries: sore ankles and heels, lower back pain, leg fatigue, quadriceps and hamstring pulls, bone spurs, arthritis, and trauma and minor contusions, to name a few. IcyHeat and IcyHeat Sports Formula are natural and powerful aids to remedy these ailments.

Our IcyHeat line provides quick relief so athletes and exercise enthusiasts can quickly get back into action. NCAA college sports teams are known to apply IcyHeat prior to games to prevent cramping and supply muscle tissue increased energy. Another notable aspect of IcyHeat and IcyHeat Sports Formula is that they are water-based, as opposed to oil-based, which helps the lotion fully absorb into the skin.

The IcyHeat duo of products has also helped athletes who suffer from repetitive motion injuries, common in golf and tennis. Finally, it doesn’t all have to be about injury. IcyHeat also serves well in massage to warm up muscles and usher heat to an area.

Three products, one purpose: your health. Please select the one, two, or all three that serve your needs. Whatever those needs may be, we and noni are here to help. 

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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Noni Fruit Leather's Got the Juice Beat

You know when a recreation league team has an unknown ringer that shows up for the championship game and affects an overwhelming victory? Or think about a Lamborghini versus a Corolla in a race. Or how about the difference between perfume and Eau de toilette? These are all analogous to noni fruit leather and noni juice, with fruit leather the ringer, the Lamborghini, the perfume, the potent and powerful winner.

As fresh squeezed orange juice is preferred to concentrate, noni fruit leather is far superior to noni juice. If you drink noni juice you could shrug it off and say you’re being healthy in general by consuming noni in some form, that it’s good enough, that you’re doing better than most. But why not put in a little more effort, learn a little bit more, and earn exponential dividends for your health.

Here’s what you should know. The reason this is a point of writing is because of antioxidants. Diets rich in antioxidants combat degeneration and disease related to age. The antioxidant efficacy of foods is measured by their ORAC: Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity. The measurement is provided per 100 grams of a given food.

Blueberries are often one of the most commonly cited foods for their antioxidant value. Their ORAC score is 2,400. Pomegranates score a nice 3,037, whereas noni juice comes in at 1,506. Noni fruit leather is a staggering 340,000. It’s the Megalodon of antioxidant foods. Some spices actually possess a higher ORAC score than noni fruit leather, but the quantity of spice one would need to consume to achieve parity would not occur.

First off, noni is rarely seen as a fresh fruit around the world, due to perishability. The juice form of noni is fermented and diluted, and some of the most vital antioxidants found in portions of the noni fruit are not used in producing the juice. As a result, noni juice loses its antioxidant power.

In contrast, Hawaiian Organic Noni uses no till farming methods which yield extremely potent noni plants. Our noni is processed through slow, low-heat dehydration into fruit leather, preserving the fruit’s phytochemicals and therefore its storehouse of antioxidants.

It may sound complicated, but it’s actually rather simple. When purchasing noni, value yourself, and go for the noni superfood – Hawaiian Organic Noni’s noni fruit leather.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Noni Fruit Health

Popeye the Sailor Man & Spinach

Who hasnt heard of Popeye the Sailor Man? His strength came from a can of spinach. Spinach contains non-heme iron, the form of iron that is not readily absorbed unless a person is deficient or it is consumed in combination with heme iron (animal products) or vitamin C. Not only is the form of iron not easily absorbed in spinach, but spinach contains compounds that bind with iron and interfere with its absorption. This article will further explore irons absorption and distribution. Because vitamin C increases nonheme irons absorption, there is no doubt that Noni Fruit Leather, rich in both iron and vitamin C is important. This article is about noni fruit health benefits.


            The absorption of nonheme iron is affected by many dietary factors. Oxalic acid in vegetables and phytic acid as well as additional factors found in grain fibers can bind iron and decrease its absorption. In tea, tannins (polyphenols) reduce the absorption of nonheme iron. If someone has an iron deficiency, the intake of tannins should be watched and fiber intake should be kept within current recommendations. Additionally, zinc supplements will interfere with the absorption of nonheme iron since zinc and iron compete for absorption.

Iron Needs & Absorption

            The bodys need for iron is the single most important element affecting nonheme iron absorption. Iron needs increase:
   During growth and pregnancy;
   During a state of iron deficiency; and
   At high altitude due to the airs lower oxygen concentration resulting in the increased concentration of hemoglobin in the blood.
Where there are inadequate iron stores, the main protein that transports iron in the blood easily binds additional iron from intestinal cells, moving this iron into the bloodstream. On the other hand, when there are adequate iron stores and the protein that binds iron in the blood is totally saturated with iron, little is absorbed from the intestinal cells where iron stays bound.
            It is through this mechanism that iron, and the nonheme form in particular, is only absorbed as needed under normal circumstances. Intestinal cells have a two to five day life cycle. If iron is not needed, it will be excreted from the iron that is stored in intestinal cells. Even though high doses of iron is toxic, under normal dietary conditions in the majority of people it is carefully regulated.


            The hemoglobin molecules of red blood cells contains the majority of iron in the body. The bone marrow stores some, and a small amount is found in other body cells, for example the liver, to store it. The iron found in these body stores can be mobilized if iron is needed. However, these iron stores can be depleted if there is a chronically inadequate intake of dietary iron.
            In light of the fact that iron deficiency remains a worldwide problem, its absorption is an important factor. Even though a food may be rich in iron does not mean it will be absorbed. The form of iron as well as interference with anti-nutrient compounds and mineral interactions all affect absorption. Taking a specific mineral supplement will interfere with the absorption of other essential minerals. It is for this reason natural supplements are most effective. Studies confirm that noni, a fruit rich in iron, selenium, zinc, and copper contains no known anti-nutrient compounds in its leaves or fruit. It is also a rich source of vitamin C which increases iron absorption. This makes Noni Fruit Leather, developed by Hawaiian Organic Noni using a low-heat dehydration method, an ideal source for iron.