Monday, October 20, 2014

The Big W’s of Organic Farming: Hawaiian Organic Noni's Farming Practices

Every farmer and gardener knows that nutrient-rich soil produces bigger, stronger, healthier plants.  Using compost is one effective way to achieve nutrient-rich soil.  Research by Cornell University suggests that some kinds of compost, including vermicomposting, can even help control plant diseases and promote plant health. 

Worms and Recycled Waste
Vermicompost is a completely natural fertilizer made of recycled waste products, aided in decomposing by earthworms.  Waste can include manure and leftover plant matter.  Worms aid in the decomposing process, sorting out the nutrients and creating the matter for a rich soil.     
This kind of compost is not only completely organic, but it also prevents the original solid waste from ending up in landfills or entering waterways.  What better way to farm than to avoid harsh, synthetic chemicals and reduce waste while providing essential nutrients and protecting from disease?
The Hawaiian Organic Noni farm uses this sustainable method to enhance its soil and maintain the health of its noni plants.  In fact, the owner Steve Frailey, started organic farming in 1981. Those healthy noni plants produce the healthy noni fruits used in Noni Fruit Leather and all Noni Lotions.

Well Water
In addition to all-natural compost, the farm takes advantage of fresh well water.  Because it comes straight from underground springs and is not processed city water, it is extra fresh and straight from the earth’s own filtration system.  The wells collect the run-off from water used during farming and from rains, efficiently re-using it right on the spot.

Wind (and Solar) Energy
Running a farm takes a lot of energy—from electricity and from worker labor.  To fuel our electrical needs, the Hawaiian Organic Noni farm uses green energy from wind generators and solar panels.  The abundant sunshine fuels the pumps that pull all our fresh water from the wells, and the wind provides electricity for all other needs, including the dehydration system used to create Noni Fruit Leather. 

Natural, Organic Farming at Its Best
From farm to production, Hawaiian Organic Noni takes steps to ensure sustainability and organic purity. Therefore, when you use Hawaiian Organic Noni products, you can rest assured that you are getting only the purest products to ease your aches and pains, heal your body, and improve your health.  

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