Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Hawaiian Organic Noni: Powered by the Wind

Whenever possible at Hawaiian Organic Noni, we let nature do the work. Nature knows best how to create amazing, healthful noni fruit. We let nature show us how to break down food and other scraps into compost. And we rely on nature for the farm’s power as well.
We capture the energy of the wind to power the dehydrators we use to make noni fruit leather. It’s one of the many ways here on the farm that we try to minimize our carbon footprint.

Here’s what’s so awesome about wind power:

Clean Energy Source

Windmills harness the power of the wind to convert turbine rotation into electricity.The rotating blades to convert the energy of the wind into mechanical energy in the form of a spinning turbine. The turbine is connected to a generator, which using the turning motion to create electricity, which is then stored in batteries.  However, our windmills have AC generating turbines attached to the blades which makes AC power that we use immediately to power the farm and Noni processing facility.
We love wind power because it doesn’t emit CO2 or other greenhouse gases when the electricity is made. The process doesn’t create waste or any other dangerous byproducts. It allows us to create our own energy on the farm, without putting the local wildlife or the land itself at risk.

Read the full version here to learn about wind power as a local renewable resource


Using wind energy lets us save a lot of money on the farm. It can be very expensive to even get power out to a remote farm like ours. And running a business that uses electricity every day can add up quick.
After the initial cost of setting up the system, it makes use of an abundant, free resource, turning it into a form that we can use. Our system has more than paid for itself over the years.
But it’s more than just the economic cost to us that makes wind power worthwhile. As humans, we aren’t great at calculating the hidden costs of our actions on the environment. We try to keep those costs low on our farm. Wind energy is low cost to the land, just as it’s low cost to us.
We’re proud to have wind power as part of our sustainability initiative on the farm. To learn more about the ways we protect the environment at Hawaiian Organic Noni, check out this blog.

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