Friday, January 20, 2017

Prevent Cramps with Noni Lotion

All three of our Noni lotions (Lavender, IcyHeat & IcyHeat Sports Formula) take cramps away in minutes or prevent cramps from happening altogether!  Ever wake up at night with a leg cramp and you can barely walk or straighten your leg? Apply any of our Noni Lotions to take the cramp away!
Working on the Farm, I do not always drink enough water while out in the sun and end up dehydrated. Therefore, I keep the Sports Formula IcyHeat next to my bed to take away the leg cramps that wake me up in the middle of the night. I've found that in 60 seconds, the leg cramp is gone. I do prefer the IcyHeat lotions for quicker relief of any pain or cramp as the added menthol/camphor allows the Noni pulp to penetrate faster and deeper into the muscle.

Many athletes apply our Noni Lotions before sporting events as an organic cramp preventative.

We have many NCAA sports teams, high school teams and weekend athletics apply our Noni Lotions to their calves and thighs (5 minutes before) sporting events to prevent cramps during the games.
Melody Toth, the head basketball trainer for 20 years at the University of Hawaii, conducted an experiment one year during preseason practices. She had 8 players apply the Noni Lotions to the calves and thighs and 8 players not apply the lotions before 2 hour practices for 4 weeks. The players that applied the Noni Lotions did not experience muscle fatigue, tiredness, or get cramps. The players who did not apply the lotions eventually cramped up, and experienced muscle fatigue.

How should I use the lotions to prevent cramps?

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