Monday, January 23, 2017

How Much Noni Should I Take?

So you’ve done the shopping. You’ve done the research. You’ve looked through the dozens upon dozens of options out there, and finally decided on Hawaiian Organic Noni Fruit Leather. Good choice! It’s the best option if you want to get the most nutritional value out of this potent super fruit! It’s the closest you can come to being an islander, plucking a ripe noni fruit off the tree and eating it with breakfast every morning! But when you get your Noni Fruit Leather, it looks a lot different than a fruit. So, that raises the question:

How much noni should I take?

A short and simple answer is we recommend taking one 2in x 2in square of our Noni Fruit Leather every day as a natural preventative. This amount takes care of your daily immune system maintenance and gives you a balanced dosage for your day to day life.
For those suffering from chronic conditions, our recommendation is to take two to four 2in x 2in squares per day. If taking multiple pieces per day, we recommend spreading out the dosage, for example taking one piece in the morning and one piece in the evening.

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