Thursday, March 10, 2016

12 Months of Testimonials from People Who Love Noni

The New Year is an ideal time to look back and reflect. What makes what we do at Hawaiian Organic Noniworthwhile? Is this still what I love to do?
The answer to both is a resounding yes, and the reason is you — the community of people who have given our noni products a true test and proven over and over that noni heals. The testimonials and reviews you send in inspire me everyday to keep up my mission of sharing noni with the world.
I also wanted to share a few of my favorite testimonials from the year of 2015 with you. If you haven’t given Noni Fruit Leather a try yet, read these testimonials and consider whether noni might be the solution you’re looking for. If you’re already a fan, share this article with your friends who could benefit!

January: Relief from Inflamed Tendons

"While visiting a farmers market in Kauai I stopped at a booth where someone was selling the farm''s Noni lotion. I have persistently inflamed tendons in both knees after surgery for a related issue and doctors have not been able to fix the inflammation problem, they only offer me a cortisone shots which is not a long term solution.
I tried the IcyHeat Noni lotion and continued walking around the market. After getting some instant relief to the pain I decided to buy a bottle and when the relief persisted for several days I decided to do the farm tour.
The farm tour was so much fun, very informative and in just the 2 weeks since I have used the Noni products my knees have improved and I have been able to do all the hikes I want on Kauai, pain free."

February: Strengthened “Fragile Skin”

“I was on vacation in Honolulu and my Tour Bus driver introduced me to your Noni Lotion, I have suffered for years from ‘Fragile Skin’ from which you bruise and cut easily. However, in my case my skin peels back with big open cuts and sores. Very painful!
I just came from my Dermatologist who was amazed. She has tried everything but with no results. In four days of using the Noni Lavender Lotion, I do not cut anymore. It has tightened my skin and the bruising has decreased. My Dermatologist said the Noni must be creating collagen in your skin and tightening my fragile skin.”

March: Sciatica Relief

“I for one had been suffering for several weeks with sciatica, and I was desperate to try anything. I started taking the Noni leather that day and using the icy heat on my low back. It only took 3 days for the pain to go away. I still have numbness in my foot and will be seeing my doctor tomorrow to investigate that, but the pain has not returned, not even on the 6 hour flight home.”

April: Regulated Blood Pressure & Blood Sugar

“I was on Kauai last year and found these products at a Farmer’s Market. I have been using them for one year now and had to come back to visit the farm. I was a mess a year ago. Since eating the Noni Fruit Leather and using the lotions, everything changed. I lost 50 pounds, my diabetes and high blood pressure are normal and the pain in my feet is gone!! This stuff works – ask my husband!!”

May: Sun Spots Faded

“I was just visiting my dad in Hanalei last week and i came across your lotion. I have suffered with sunspots or, affectionately on the island, ‘haoli rot,’ for most of my life. Over the last few years they have overtaken my body and nothing has helped. I live in California and doctors here are not familiar with this common skin condition found mostly in humid environments. I’ve tried just about everything and the old fashioned remedy was not working either.
They were so bad on this last trip that I covered up at the beach to not show them. Having been a model for most of my life you can imagine the embarrassment I felt. They were covering my back, chest, stomach, neck and arms. Well....after 1 use....just 1, my spots are almost gone. Literally starting to fade and disappear after one use. I am beyond blown away by this. This is another testament to the magical effects of this amazing fruit.”

June: Cleared Whipworm and Healed Eye Growth for Sheltie

“After my sheltie was diagnosed with whipworm and the meds prescribed by the Vet failed to rid her of them I went searching the net for possible natural remedies. I read a review by someone claiming Noni rid her dog of whipworm by using Noni. I decided to try it, and the results are nothing short of amazing.
Not only did it clear the worms, but she also had a growth in the corner of her eye by her nose, which the Vet has been advising should be removed via surgery. Since using Noni for about a month, the growth has shrunk so much that I have to search in order to see it!! Since nothing else has changed, it has to be the Noni causing it to disappear To say I am amazed is not saying enough. I have 4 dogs, and they are all taking Noni daily now, and will continue to do so for the rest of their lives. THANK YOU!”

July: Protected Skin During Radiation Treatment

“I am writing to tell you how amazing noni lotion is. I am going through radiation treatment.The Doctors gave me samples of creams and lotions, none of them worked.They are constantly asking me what I''m using on my skin and I proudly tell them noni. My skin is fabulous! No pain just a little pink. Love it!!! I wish more Doctors knew about it.”

August: Relief from Aches and Arthritis-Like Pains

“When I forget to take it for a couple of days, those creaky aches and arthritis like pains start coming back. I am 65, an active person, I have a massage practice and I teach yoga. I am already in the self-care field, and this is one of the greatest assets I have. I have introduced Noni to many of my clients who now use it regularly and I use it in massage.”

September: Eliminated Rheumatoid Arthritis

“I am sending you my blood work that I just had done by my Doctor. I am off Enbrel and my drugs with no more Rheumatoid Arthritis!! I have been taking the Noni Fruit Leather (2 pieces per day) for 30 days and my blood test confirms what it did for me.”

October: Cleared a Rash

“The products work just as they say. I had developed a rash on my hand and tried several over the counter creams for weeks with no luck then I used the noni lotion and in three days it was cleared up.”

November: Healed Torn Meniscus

“I healed my torn meniscus applying the Noni Lavender Lotion! I had constant pain in both knees but was due for an operation on my left knee for the torn meniscus. The lotion took away my daily pain but actually healed my left knee and had no surgery. I also eat the Noni Fruit Leather every day now as a preventative.”

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Looking forward to another year of sharing noni with you!

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