Tuesday, March 15, 2016

8 Easy Resolutions for Radical Health in 2016

It’s around this time each year that most of us start looking back on our New Year’s resolutions with some guilt. Especially if you made resolutions about your health and wellness, you might already be feeling discouraged about your progress.
That’s because health resolutions are hard! So many people just resolve to “be healthier” or “eat better,” without realizing those resolutions are too general to have any teeth.
When making resolutions for your health, there are so many factors you must take into account, and no two people have exactly the same needs. If you’re starting to feel that you didn’t set the “right” resolutions this year, or if yours were too general, these back-to-basics resolutions will get you on track.

1. Nourish Your Body

An unfortunate consequence of today’s modern food system is that much of our food is high on calories, low on nutrition. This contributes to the obesity epidemic in our nation today, as well as the rise in other chronic, inflammatory diseases.
The foods we eat also have an impact on our energy levels, sense of well-being, and mood. You really can’t afford to put in bad fuel!
We recommend filling your diet with as many whole, raw fruits and vegetables as possible for maximum nutritional benefit. In particular, try adding a raw noni fruit pulp!
Noni pulp, which we use to make our raw, organic Noni Fruit Leather, is one of the most nutritionally beneficial superfoods out there. It contains higher levels of antioxidants than even acai berries, along with countless other beneficial compounds — over 165!

2. Age Beautifully

Aging is inevitable, but we do have some control over how we age. Two major factors are skincare and diet, and both are related to antioxidants. Noni has antioxidants in abundance, so it can help you fight aging from two fronts. Published research has shown our Noni Fruit leather to contain 6024 ORAC units per two-by-two-inch serving size, making it one of the highest sources of antioxidants.
By applying noni topically to the skin, you protect and heal from the outside in. Incorporate our Noni Lavender Lotion into your daily skincare routine and watch fine lines smooth out, age spots fade, and skin texture improve.
Taking a daily supplement of Noni Fruit Leather improves your skin from the inside out, actually fighting aging at its source — internally.

3. Build Your Physical Endurance

I don’t think there’s much good in people setting resolutions to “lose weight” or “exercise more.” First of all, every body is so different that it’s hard to know what specific strategies will work to achieve those goals. More importantly, those goals are too broad!
Rather than just trying to “exercise more,” focus on a specific aspect you’d like to improve, such as endurance. Endurance will only continue to get more and more important throughout your life, especially into old age, preventing disease and keeping body fat at a healthy level.
You can improve your endurance by ramping up your aerobic exercise. Running, cycling, aerobics classes, swimming, dancing, and more can all improve endurance.

4. Care for Muscles and Joints

This is an important resolution to keep in mind, especially if you have other resolutions around exercise. Exercise is awesome for the health of your muscles and joints if you build up slowly and eat well to support them. But starting too fast (as many people do after making resolutions) can be very damaging.
Remember to keep your pace under control, and to never sacrifice form for a few extra reps or a little extra distance. Also, remember to warm up before vigorous exercise, and stretch afterwards.
In addition, taking Noni Fruit Leather internally and using our Noni Lotions topically can repair the damage that exercise inevitably does to those tissues, and prevent chronic inflammation from setting in.

5. Strengthen Your Immune System

Your ability to fight off and heal from disease is one of the most important aspects of your health, and one that doesn’t often get a lot of love in New Year’s resolutions. But the choices you make about your diet and exercise have a huge impact on your ability to fight off disease!
This year, resolve to eat and exercise in a way that reduces chronic inflammation, a major contributor to a weak immune response. Eating Noni Fruit Leather regularly is an awesome way to boost your immune response, especially when combined with exercise and a diet high in raw, organic whole fruits and vegetables.

6. Stress

Don’t forget your mental health when making your resolutions. Mental health not only impacts our sense of well-being, but has a big impact on the physical health of our bodies. High stress is linked to inflammation and disease in many of the body’s major organ systems.
Exercising and eating right can help combat stress, but the best way to tackle the problem is in your mind. Expressing gratitude daily, meditation, and positive mantras are all great ways to reduce your stress levels.
There’s also lots of evidence showing that looking at pictures and videos of cute animals can have a big impact on stress, so make sure to follow us on Facebook so you don’t miss any of our albatross pictures!

7. Retune Your Body’s Internal Clock

Lots of people prioritize waking up earlier or going to bed earlier as a New Year’s resolution, but evening out your sleep cycle can take a lot more than that. Your body’s energy levels are controlled by tons of factors, the result of which are your circadian rhythms.
You can shift your circadian rhythms to an earlier schedule by exposing yourself to sunlight early in the day, and reducing exposure to light in the evening. That means no screens before bed!
Your morning routine is another major factor in shifting your circadian rhythms. Check out this blog post for tips to create an energizing, healthy morning routine.

8. See the original post to help your pets too!

What are your resolutions to improve your health in 2016?

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