Wednesday, March 2, 2016

The Albatross Return!

We’re very excited to announce that the first of the Laysan albatross that make their home on our organic family farm on Kauai have returned! Every year, my family and I watch for these first brave travelers to return. Soon, they’ll start nesting!
For now, these albatross are still recovering from their 3000 mile journey from Alaska! These adults will soon be joined by many others, and eventually a number of juveniles who are ready to start looking for a mate. This means we’ll be on the lookout for any previous years’ chicks that we can identify!
The juveniles will watch the adults and start choosing a mate. New breeding pairs will often take a season or two to “practice” playing house, before their first successful breeding season, usually when the birds are about 7 years old.
Last year, we had 19 breeding pairs in our colony, and we’re hoping to see a few new pairs this year!

Name That Chick Contest

The return of the albatross means that something exciting is on the horizon: the annual Name That Chick Contest! Every year, you help us choose a chick to follow over the course of the breeding season. Then, we hold a contest to help us name the chicks.
So start thinking of your names now! Need a refresher on previous winners?


Blossom was last year’s winning chick name! This cute little guy (or girl — impossible to tell without a DNA test!) was so much fun to follow last year as she grew from chick to fledgling. In early July, Blossom took off for a long voyage to Alaska. Although Blossom won’t be returning to Kauai this year, we hope to see him/her in a few years!

Other Winning Names

  • Albert
  • Abigale
  • Sunshine
  • Moana
Start brainstorming your winning name now!

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