Friday, March 11, 2016

Hawaiian Organic Noni’s Guide to Pain-Free Exercise this Winter

It may not feel like winter here on our family farm on Kauai, but for most of you, the temperatures are dropping, ice is forming, and snow is falling. Winter a time for spending time with family, ideally getting outdoors, exercising, and playing in the snow.
Unfortunately, winter sports have some extra risks associated with them, due to the more hazardous conditions. Cold air can cause muscles to tighten and cramp, and a slip on ice could aggravate an old injury, or create a new one.
That’s why we’ve created this guide to help you stay safe and healthy using Hawaiian Organic Noni. For those of you planning to go skiing, snowboarding, snowshoeing, or even just walking through the snow with your family, using Noni products can help keep you safe, active, and healthy this winter.

Building a Solid Foundation

The most important aspect of preventing pain is giving your muscles, joints, and immune system the nutrients they need to build healthy, strong tissue. To do that, we recommend taking at least one 2x2 square of Noni Fruit Leather each day as an organic preventative.
Noni pulp, like we use in our Noni Fruit Leather, is raw food for your cells! It provides them with all the building blocks they need to repair and build new, healthy tissues.

Benefits of Noni Fruit Leather:

If you eat Noni Fruit Leather every day, you may be able to prevent pain and injury from creeping up on you when you exercise, even during the winter! In particular, noni is excellent at fighting inflammation, often a major contributor to chronic pain. Noni also improves circulation and boosts immune function.

Before Going Out in the Cold

Right before you head out for your adventure, give yourself a noni boost to keep your energy high and ensure pain doesn’t get in your way!

Have a Piece of Noni Fruit Leather:

One of the most immediately noticeable benefits of taking Noni Fruit Leather is the boost of energy you get after your daily dose. Take a piece of Noni Fruit Leather for energy before you get into your winter sports. It’ll help keep your energy levels high, so you can push yourself to get a great workout.

Apply Noni Lotion:

In addition, before you go out into the cold, apply your choice of noni lotion to the muscles and joints you’ll be using while you exercise. You might want to target any problem areas with our Icy Heat Sports Formula.
Our friend Melody Toth, who was a University of Hawaii sports trainer, used our Noni Lotions to improve performance and speed healing for the Warriors’ basketball, football, track, and tennis athletes. She found that if athletes applied the lotion before a game or practice, they were less likely to get injured.
Applying Noni Lotion before you exercise keeps your muscles and joints strong, prevents cramps, improves circulation, and warms up the muscles.
We also have a friend who runs marathons. The first time he ran a marathon using noni, he applied it as he got cramps, allowing him to continue running. His second marathon, however, he applied it before he started running and it prevented cramping altogether!

During Exercise

If you apply Noni Lotion before going out to exercise, you may not have any cramping or pain while you’re moving. If you do start to stiffen up, apply more lotion early and often.
Melody Toth found that if athletes applied one of our Noni Lotions 5 minutes before a game and reapplied at half time, they could go the whole game without getting fatigued or cramped. You can get through a full day of skiing, snowshoeing, or hiking pain-free, if you just keep reapplying!

After Exercise

Once you get back from your adventure, there’s more you can do to keep from stiffening up. It’s a good idea to apply some more noni to areas that are prone to pain and injury. This will help you repair and build muscle, and reduce the inflammation that might build up in days to come.
Noni Lotion works great for massage — just follow the tips in this blog post! You can use our Noni Lavender Lotion or either one of the IcyHeat Noni Lotion formulas for massage.
For best results, and to minimize pain in the days after your activity, apply one of our Noni Lotion before bed. The lotion will sink in overnight so you can rise free from pain.

If You Got Injured

No matter how careful we are, and how much noni we apply beforehand, injuries do happen. Winter sports have their risk, and even taking a walk with family can lead to a slip on some ice.
The good news is, you can apply one of our Noni Lotions to help with the healing process. Noni offers powerful pain relief, without any of the unpleasant side effects of other pain medications.
For fastest pain relief, apply the IcyHeat Noni Lotion to the bottoms of your feet first, and then to the area in pain. The 2000+ nerve endings in your feet carry the pain-relieving beneficial compounds to the injured area almost instantly.
You may even be able to use noni to reduce dependence on NSAIDs and other painkillers. Those drugs take a toll on the body, particularly the stomach and liver, and they may not actually do any healing. Many also have unpleasant side-effects.

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How do you use noni to manage pain? Let us know in the comments! Our best ideas are from you!

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