Thursday, March 24, 2016

How to Use Instant Noni Aloe BioBandage

You may not have heard of one of our most potent topical noni products, ideal for concentrated treatment of skin conditions, bruises, joint or muscle pain, and many other injuries. Our Instant Noni Aloe BioBandage formula is powerful and all-organic.
Keep it on hand to speed the healing of life’s inevitable aches and pains!

What Is a BioBandage?

A BioBandage is a thick paste, which is applied to a specific area of skin to protect it. As a BioBandage dries, it hardens into a shell that keeps debris out while still allowing the skin to breathe. At the same time, a Noni BioBandage provides lots of nutrients that your body needs to repair the damage.

Built From Your Ideas

As you may know, for many years, the only product made by Hawaiian Organic Noni was Noni Fruit Leather. Our topical products only came later, once we learned how big of an impact topically applied noni makes on pain relief and healing.
We got the idea for our Instant Noni Aloe BioBandage from the many people who were calling in and letting us know that they had made their own biobandages by mixing the Noni Fruit Leather with water to make a paste, which they applied to their injuries to relieve pain and speed up healing.
We wanted to make things easier on you at home, so we decided to create our own version.

Our Formula

As with all of our products, we use only organic ingredients in our Noni BioBandage:
The noni provides the bulk of the beneficial properties, protecting against infection, relieving inflammation, easing pain, and providing the nutrients to rebuild damaged tissues. The small amounts of aloe juice and oil of rosemary we add simply amplify the healing power of the noni.

How to Heal With Noni BioBandage

  1. Clean the skin area
  2. Apply the Instant Noni BioBandage to cover the problem area completely, leaving the formula on in a thick layer, rather than rubbing it in
  3. Smooth down the edges of the BioBandage so it stays on longer
  4. Let the paste dry hard for about 10 minutes, like a natural band aid
  5. The bandage will stay on until you peel it off or wash it off with warm water
  6. Once the paste is dry, you may cover the area with athletic tape or a band aid, but this is not necessary
  7. If the paste comes off or washes off in the shower, simply replace as often as needed until the affected skin is healed and restored

Noni BioBandage for Pets

We make an identical version of the BioBandage for your furry friends too! We just put some cute animals, including our farm dog Bhakti, on the label so you can see whose is whose!
Noni BioBandage is a great solution to treat your pets’ skin conditions and injuries, without having to resort to any harsh chemicals. Vets love using noni because it’s effective, organic, and won’t harm your pet if they lick it off.

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Have you tried our Noni BioBandage? How have you found its use? Let us know in the comments! 

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