Monday, March 7, 2016

The Complete Guide to Travelling with Noni

Travelling with medications, supplements, and other health equipment can be stressful. If you put medications you need to take in checked baggage, it could get lost, or you might have a delayed dose. And not all health products are allowed in carry-on. If your supplement is a raw, whole fruit like noni, it gets even more complicated.
Whether you discovered noni on your travels and want to find a way to bring it home, or if you’re a long-time noni user who needs to bring it along on a trip, this guide will help you out.

Why is Noni Hard to Travel With?

Fresh foods in general are difficult to travel with, but noni is especially delicate. As soon as it’s picked it begins to ripen and within hours of ripening noni starts a rapid fermentation process. This process dramatically changes the chemical composition of the fruit, destroying many of the beneficial compounds that make noni such a powerful superfood.
Within days, the fruit will be totally fermented. Aside from the lost health benefits, fermented noni tastes even more pungent than the raw fruit.
Bringing fresh, whole noni fruits on an airplane would generally not be allowed by agricultural inspectors. If somehow you got pass the agricultural inspection with raw noni fruits it would quickly begin to ferment and smell. And the pungent smell of noni would permeate the aircraft. You wouldn’t be able to bring enough with you to sustain the health benefits long term.
This was the problem we ran into when we first discovered the healing powers of noni. We saw the incredible results the fruit delivers, but we couldn’t figure out a way to share it with the world, without damaging the delicate compounds that make it so beneficial.

Noni Juice Isn’t a Solution

Most people that sell noni process it into a juice form. Basically, making noni juice means using the natural fermentation process that happens when noni begins to ripen. To make juice, the fruit is totally fermented and then the juice is extracted.
The problem is, that fermentation process totally destroys the beneficial enzymes in noni, as well as many other compounds. So noni juice is fully 14x less potent than our raw food Noni Fruit Leather.
Noni juice also doesn’t travel well. It’s too much liquid to take in a carry on, but even if you could,noni juice has to be refrigerated. It’s functionally impossible to travel with.

The Key to Preserving Noni

It took us a long time to figure out exactly how to preserve noni in a way that would keep all the beneficial compounds intact, but we eventually succeeded. Our slow, low-heat dehydration method below 115 degrees F makes our Noni Fruit Leather a raw food. We remove the liquid and maintain the 165 beneficial compounds found in the pulp of noni.
We’ve found that removing the liquid from noni permanently stops that fermentation process. Both our Noni Fruit Leather and Noni Lotions have 2 year shelf life, not refrigerated.
Noni: World Traveller
Because of our innovative formula, we’re now able to ship our noni products worldwide. It’s been such an honor to bring the power of noni to so many people who have never tried it before.

Travelling with Noni

Noni is awesome to take with you when you’re travelling, and now you can with our organic noniproducts. Here are our recommendations to make your travel experience go smoothly!

Noni Fruit Leather

Our Noni Fruit Leather may be taken in your carry-on baggage when travelling. Since you can bring it in your carry-on, you can take your dosage on the plane. It’s a great way to boost your immune system against the inevitable germs you encounter when you’re travelling.
Our Noni Fruit Leather will give you plenty of energy to make the most of your vacation!
We recommend taking 1 or 2 squares (2x2 inches) each day as a natural preventative. While you’re travelling, you might want to increase your dose by one piece, to 2-3 pieces.

Visit the original blog for tips on traveling with Noni Lotion.

Remember put the Noni Lotions in your checked baggage for the trip home. Thanks to our innovative drying process, noni is now totally portable. So happy travels!

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